Front Row™
The Front Row™, a 6-channel digital signal processor that allows the listener to engineer music the way he or she has always wanted to hear it.

Listener Experience Staging

Simply put, the Front Row makes music from a vehicle’s system sound better than it ever has, with the listener experiencing staging, imaging and bass response actually like the artist intended – up-close and live!

Precise Control

The Front Row utilizes a familiar, simple analog-based control system, but underneath the dials lays a powerful micro-controller with all signal manipulation done in digital domain (28-/56-bit, double-precision DSP with 24-bit AD/DA converters) – it is a must-have solution for controlling audio signal.

Max Customization

The Front Row provides six channels (three stereo pairs) of 32-step, fully variable digital crossovers with selectable slopes and minimal phase shift for maximum system-design flexibility. Input-gain and output-level controls for each section (front/rear/subwoofer), along with input clip indicators, enable easy level matching for a clean, distortion-free setup.

Clear Sound at High Volume

The subwoofer section includes a variable subsonic filter that preserves bass impact by protecting the woofers and focusing bass-amplifier power on what should be heard. Additionally, each section incorporates a Clip Limiter, a fast-acting compressor/speaker saver that monitors input signal and prevents clipping and distortion while preserving overall output signal. The result is the clearest sound at high volumes.

Full of KICKER Tech

Most of the Front Row’s dynamic features can be adjusted from the driver’s seat using the convenient remote. Speaker Time Alignment provides complete soundstage height, width and control, putting a realistic stage with a focused center image where it should be – on the vehicle’s dash and not the floor. Simulated 5.1 Surround Sound mimics the “live” rear fill one experiences in a stadium or concert. Legendary KickEQ™ Bass Boost and new SHOCwave™ (Sub-Harmonic Octave Creation) restores and equalizes the lowest lows, finding deep bass that previously wasn’t audible.

The Front Row also includes KICKER’s unique 12-volt or DC Offset turn-on circuitry and FIT™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology), allowing it to integrate directly into all aftermarket and most OEM source units.

Front Row Specifications
50 MHz CPU / 28-/56-bit double-precision DSP / 24-bit AD/DA converters
Frequency Response (Hz)
10-22k, +/-0.2dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
32-step variable crossovers with 12, 24 or 48dB/octave slopes
high-pass 0-500Hz or 0-5kHz (10x switch)
high-pass 0-500Hz
low-pass 50-500Hz or 500-5kHz (10x switch)
subsonic filter 0-80Hz, fixed at 48dB/octave
low-pass 40-160Hz
Subwoofer Phase
variable 0-180 degrees
variable 0-+15dB at 45Hz, Q=3
variable bass restoration
Front Row™ Support


2012 Front Row 6-Channel DSP (12ZXDSP1) | Multilingual | Download

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