The Money Tee
Black District long sleeve tee with white and copper LOUD 1 design emblazoned on the front.

Ahh the Money Tee...

This long sleeve wonder will keep your arms warm through many a cold day or night. The design says I know fashion and it looks good on me. The copper in the print will allow you, if you so choose, to recycle it and make zero dollars. But lets be honest, you'll be wearing this black beauty until the sleeves fall off and then probably longer as a muscle tee.

Take a closer look...

The woodcut styling and old-school accents make this truly one of a kind! Where do we start with this design... there's KICKER in there and LOUD... A big number 1 and a 1973... some lines and some curvy lines and dotted ones too. You can't stop looking at it there's so much to take in!

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