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Another HOT ROD Power Tour Revs Up

The KICKER XRV (Xtreme Recreational Vehicle) is on the road with the 19th annual HOT ROD Power Tour, the ultimate hot-rodding journey gathering fellow car enthusiasts from all over the world to sightsee, explore and show off their custom car creations in car-crazy towns all over the U.S.
During the seven-day roadtrip, hot-rod owners will pick up and take off from any city following fellow car enthusiasts to the final destination of Charlotte, N.C.  Approximately 4,800 cars and 75,000 spectators will be on hand at any of the cities, which includes Arlington, Texas; Texarkana, Ark., Little Rock, Ark., Memphis, Tenn., Birmingham, Ala., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Charlotte.
During each stop, hands-on demos at the KICKER XRV will be given, with an emphasis on Powersports products that perform in varied mobile environments including hot rods and classic cars.