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The Basic White Cap

High profile white Flexfit cap with black KICKER logo on front left and Livin' Loud on the back.

Ahh white... White is the traditional color of wedding dresses in both western and Japanese weddings. In Western weddings, a white dress is thought to be symbolic of purity. In Japanese weddings, white is to symbolize the "death" of their former family and their introduction into their new family.

In the Judeo-Christian Religion, white represents the purity of God's Word and those that are in service to God are known to wear white garments to symbolize their work in the Faith.

White animals are considered sacred in many cultures. For example, a white elephant was considered very sacred to the people of historical Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. White elephants are also found in Buddhism, as they are associated with the birth of Buddha. White buffalo were considered sacred among the Native Americans of the Great Plains, as they symbolized fertility and the gods of the earth.

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