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TJ Lavins' 1951 Tudor

This amazing car turned heads all week long in our booth at SEMA. Several other custom car builders were over looking at it the morning before the show started each day. Misha Munoz, owner of Divine One Customs, and his guys did an amazing job building this car with an old school bomber airplane theme and pulled off a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With 2000 watts of Kicker IX power on four 10" CVX subs installed in some custom "bomb" enclosures, it put out the tunes all week. It has a KQ 5 preamp as the main source and an 1/8th" jack to plug in whatever you want.


I have been pretty busy lately building a Gator for Pistol Pete. For those of you that don't know that's the mascot for Oklahoma State University. It has 3000 watts, a bunch of speakers, and enough lighting to pull airplanes off course! A Gator is considered a UTV, or side by side, but now it's a stereo hauler. We put 2 L7 12" woofers in a vented box in the bed, 10 marine midranges and 6 marine horn tweeters for the exterior mids and his, and some QS components in custom built kick panels for the people in the cab area.

Cody Elkin's Bionic

Cody is like a brother to the Kicker family. He not only does freestyle Motocross 2-wheel style, but he also does freestyle on Quads. Cody builds a truck for SEMA just about every year. Bionic may be his best effort to date and this truck is so cool it even has it's own Facebook page! Check it out... The Dodge Mega Cab has four 12" L7 subs behind the back seat with the amps above them. It also has a Front Row processor for imaging and high voltage line driving input.

SEMA 2012

Kicker just got back from SEMA and it was awesome! I like to call SEMA one of the biggest car shows in the world. I don't know if it is but it sure looks like it. Basically if you want to see almost every new aftermarket part for a car, this is where they are shown at. It's a 4 day long event but you need more than that to see everything.



QS Speakers

Our premier model" and best sounding in my opinion" speakers we make are called our QS series. Did you know that our QS components have bi-amp passive crossovers? You can run one amp through them to the mids and another amp through them to the tweeters. Oh and by the way, they sound awesome!

New boost convertor power supplies

Did you know that our IX amplifiers use a new form of technology in the form of boost convertor power supplies? This is the main reason these amplifiers can make the huge amount of sound they do with such a little footprint. It helps make these amplifiers 80 percent efficient which is pretty amazing. Our IX 1000.1 is so little you could probably shove 30,000 watts in a medium size suitcase!

Front Row

So we have a new product out there called " The Front Row". It is a crossover, bass enhancer, image enhancer, band pass crossover, washes dishes, does your laundry, and even makes your mother-in-law like you! I'm living proof of the mother-in-law thing by the way :0)


Dealer Tour 2

I just got back off of my 2nd dealer tour not long ago and it was not cool..... It was hot, no reallll hot! When I signed on for the dealer tour thru South and North Dakota and Minnesota I thought I would get a little bit of a break from the 100+ degree temps in Oklahoma but boy was I wrong! On the drive up the XRV, aka" big black 18 wheeler" blew a oil filter gasket and started dumping what would end up being 9 gallons of oil all over the place, including all over Martin and I.


Did you know that Kicker has a deck? Well, okay, maybe not in the way that you would normally think of, but it controls and charges an iPod or iPad, has a built in 50 watt amp, preamp outs and aux in! The parts are pretty small compared to a normal head unit and almost all of it can be hidden behind the dash. A small surface mount controller is all you see. This is a great thing for motorcycles, boats, utv's, hot rods and a lot of other options especially when weather resistance is an issue. I hear people say that they would buy a deck if we made one, so here is your chance!

Hideaway HS8 Powered Sub

So my wife has been on my case for awhile now about giving her a "little" bass in her '08 Saturn Vue... Actually since it was new, oops! She wants bass but can't give up any room, so put it nowhere and make it LOUD right! So we have this new product called the Hideaway. It takes up VERY little room, has an 8" woofer, a  "really heavy" one on a 150watt amp. It's about the same size as a bag of printer paper. 3 1/8" tall,  14  x 9.5" wide and deep. It's also easily removable by unstrapping and unplugging it.