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KX2 two-way and KX3 three-way active electronic crossovers give you all kinds of setup options for taking control of your sweet-sounding system.
KICKER KX2 and KX3 Active Electronic Crossovers

Ultra-low signal-to-noise ratios of >110dB and ultra-slim chassis profiles let these two new 18dB/octave active crossovers do their jobs virtually unheard and unseen. The KX2 has low-pass and high-pass filters with variable crossover points from 40-300Hz. The 3-way KX3 adds another high-pass, remote bass boost variable to 18dB at 40Hz, and 24dB/octave subsonic filter. High pass frequencies are variable from 35-400Hz (front circuit has selectable 20x multiplier), low-pass from 45-250Hz. Both units are capable of 5-volt stereo output.

Model KX2
The 2-way KICKER KX2 has optional high (speaker level) and low (line level) stereo inputs for easy integration in any system.
High Pass Crossover 18dB/octave, Variable Frequency (40-300Hz)
Low Pass Crossover 18dB/octave, Variable Frequency (40-300Hz)
Optional Low (Line Level) or High (Speaker Level) Stereo Input
Variable Stereo Outputs (5V rms)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >110dB
Model KX3
KICKER KX3 is a 3-way 18dB/octave active electronic crossover with one variable low pass and two variable high pass filters. Remote control bass boost is variable to +18dB at 40Hz. Also features 24dB/octave subsonic filter, two stereo inputs, and three stereo outputs for versatile control.
Front and Rear High Pass Crossovers 18dB/octave, Variable Frequency (35-400Hz - 20x Multiplier Option on Front Crossover)
Sub Low Pass Crossover 18dB/octave, Variable Frequency (45-250Hz)
Bass Boost Variable to +18dB at 40Hz
Remote Level Controller
24dB/octave Subsonic Filter
Two Stereo Inputs with Parallel Input Option
Three Stereo Outputs (5V rms)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >110dB


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Got Me some New Kicker L5s

I just got 2 Kicker L5 10's And thier beatin hard For thier size. Got A ZX650.4 kicker Amp Briged Each Sub on Each Chanal Wanggin.!!!