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Get Ready! KICKER Athletes to Compete in X Games LA

There is no better time of the year than when the X Games take over the TV airwaves with 21 hours of live HD programming, and this year, KICKER is pumped to sponsor several of the competing extreme-sport daredevils who will go hard until the end.
“The X Games is a perfect event to show everyone what KICKER athletes are all about,” KICKER Sports Marketing Manager Thomas Freshley said.  “It’s cool to see their hard work and dedication unfold as they compete."
This out-of-control, four-day event takes place June 28-July 1 in Los Angeles. So grab a cold one, turn on the tube and get ready to witness more than 200 world-class athletes competing to earn the title of being the best.
To the following KICKER athletes:  Ryan Decenzo and Greg Lutzka (Skateboard); Blake “Bilko” Williams, Destry Abbott, Cam Sinclair and Wes Agee (Moto X), KICKER wishes each of you the best of luck!
For a complete X Games schedule, click here.  For spectator info, click here.