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HP541TJ Headphones
Tonal accuracy and legendary KICKER® bass response featuring design art produced by BMX legend and MTV host TJ Lavin.

HP541TJ Headphones with Microphone boast tonal accuracy and legendary KICKER® bass response, and it’s the only KICKER headphones featuring design art produced by BMX legend and MTV host TJ Lavin. They provide the dynamic full-range audio and life-like vocals expected from a high-performance audio company in the business for 38 years.

HP541TJ Headphones use versatile, interchangeable components with the addition of an in-line microphone and multi-function button. It serves as a multi-functional headset that offers clear, two-way reception and multimedia controls for a unique listening-and-speaking tool. Fully operating as stereo speakers and a multimedia/microphone device, the TJ Lavin-inspired headphones make switching over between a song and an incoming phone call easy.

The 53-inch standard cable, reinforced with Kevlar® and KICKER tangle-free braided cloth, is usable with any iPod®, iPhone®, Zune® device, or any portable media player. Its lightweight, in-line microphone transfers voice clearly while being held at jaw level with a detachable positioning clip. A convenient multi-function button hangs at chest level for easy access to answer and end calls, or control music. The button commands the media device’s playlist with play, pause, track-forward or track-back controls.

A separate 11-1/2-foot cable can be attached for use in a studio or for any recording session. Separate plugs are available as well – a corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated 1/8-inch style that fits iPhone and other minijacks is the default, and included is a removable, gold-plated 1/4-inch stereo adapter for larger, high-fidelity jacks.

The HP541TJ’s over-ear, full-swivel ear cups are very lightweight and extremely comfortable during extended use. HP541TJ Headphones also interact with all KICKER Docking Systems, which are compatible with iPhone, iPod or Zune devices. Users can go to for a list of newly released media players and smartphones that accept HP541TJ multi-function commands.

Model HP541TJ
Weight/Mass (oz, g) 8.18, 232
Max Output (dB/5mW) 126
Frequency Response (Hz) 18-21k
Sensitivity (dB/1mW) 107
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 40
Magnet Material Nd-Fe-B
Standard Cord Length (in, cm) 53.15, 135
Studio Cord Length (in, cm) 138, 350.5
Minijack Plug (in, mm) 1/8, 3.5 corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated
Stereo Adapter Plug (in, mm) 1/4, 6.4 removable, gold-plated
Microphone Specifications -----------------------------------
Frequency Response, Hz 50-10k, ± 10dB
Sensitivity, dB -44, ± 3
Impedance (Ohms) 2
Speaker diameter 2.12 in (54 mm)

  • Comfort – over-ear, full-swivel, lightweight ear cups extremely comfortable during extended use.
  • Speakers – premium 54mm custom drivers tuned for quality sound and exceptional, legendary KICKER bass response.
  • Cable – Kevlar-reinforced, black braided cloth cable for long life, reliability and secure connection (Kevlar reinforcement has provided a dramatic durability increase in factory testing, beyond KICKER’s already tough braided cloth cable.)
  • In-Line Microphone – Simple-to-use, lightweight and transfers voice clearly; hangs at jaw level on right cable.
  • Multi-Function Button – Convenient answer/end/mute call, play/pause and track forward/back for media, activate voice command (functions vary with each Smart Phone); button is positioned at chest level for easy access.
  • Interchangeable Components – comes with two sizes of plug (1/8-inch corrosion-resistant, gold-plated and 1/4-inch gold-plated removable) and two sizes of cable (53-inch, standard cable and 11-1/2-foot, studio-ready cable).
  • Detachable Clip – Positions microphone and secures headphones.

  • Users go to for newly released media players and smartphones that accept HP541TJ multi-function commands, or as additional devices are discovered.



Sick bass.

These headphones are amazing

These headphones are amazing wouldn't buy beats or anything like that makes me feel like Im in my truck with my 15 inch solo classic kicker is truly the best company no one can touch them in any category wether it be headphones, amps, speakers, subs etc... Kicker for life


I have recently been looking for some headphones, and I was determined to buy a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. I walked into the shop, I tried them all out, from Beats to Sennheisers and then to the Kickers. I compared and these headphones were so much comfier than the Beats and Sennheisers. I came home and checked them out and read some reviews, they were all good. So I went back and bought them. No regrets at all! The sound is amazing and the comfort is amazing! I really love having the three cords, DJ Cord, Phone (With Mic) and a normal MP3 cord.

I highly recommend these for people who are looking for a trustworthy headphone. Headphones with great sound. Headphones that are very comfortable.

Seriously Get these!


Just got in the HP541TJ. So far theyre pretty sick, comfortable, loud,and have a great bass response. Great to listen to music when im not in my car with my cvrs.