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Hot Rod Products

KICKER makes your music better in any vehicle. And that most certainly includes HOT RODS!

What's a car show or cruising on the weekend without your favorite tunes? The KICKER PX-Series gives hot rodders the high-performance audio system they’ve always wanted and the characteristics they must have.

  • Your media device is the only source unit you need – and hide it in the glove compartment.
  • Brick-sized amplifiers for subwoofers and speakers can be easily tucked away in previously unused spaces.
  • Lowest current draw – near 90% electronics efficiency does not tax your charging system.
  • Totally high-performance, but lightweight gear doesn’t weigh down your ride.
  • Loud and clear enough to be heard over the road and wind noise.
  • Solid bass gives your tunes some bump from a subwoofer with no space-hogging enclosure.
  • Extremely powerful, incredibly detailed speakers made by guys who love cars.

KICKER provides audio innovations to make your weekends even more enjoyable.

PS5250 PXI502 PX Amps PXiRCX Remote
Hideaway CVT651 CompRT671 CompD8
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