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KICKER Ballpoint Pen

Silver ballpoint pen with woven wire grip. Charcoal KICKER logo. Accepts standard ballpoint pen refills.

Ballpoint pens are writing instruments which dispense a viscous ink from an internal reservoir through the rolling action of a metal ball at its point. The ballpoint may vary in diameter, and may be made of brass, steel, or tungsten carbide.

Originally conceived and developed as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to quill and fountain pens, ballpoint pens are now the dominant writing instrument. Millions are manufactured and sold every day, worldwide, with low-cost and ubiquity assuring that there is always a ballpoint pen within reach.

This so-called "invention that changed the way we write" has also influenced the way art is made; some professional artists use ballpoints to create fine artwork. The Bic Cristal, a popular disposable model has gained recognition for its industrial design as part of the permanent collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Designer ballpoints are also produced for the high-end market by pen manufacturers, and prized by collectors.

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