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KICKER Provides Factory Upgrades for Army Staff Sergeant’s ROUSH Mustang

With the recent onset of KICKER’s factory upgrade kits, there’s no better way to prove its high-performance sound other than to install the kit into a ROUSH® Mustang that already contained a premium system.
“If there was a word for ‘better than premium,’ it would be KICKER,” said Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Johnson, U.S. Army Recruiter from Edmond, Okla., who recently received the PowerStage™ upgrade package in his 2010 Mustang.
The upgrade includes a gut-pounding, 10-inch, signature-square subwoofer in a molded, made-to-fit-Mustang enclosure tucked away in the trunk, and a 200-watt, multi-channel DSP amplifier for improving the factory speakers, along with the appropriate wiring and mounting brackets.
Johnson and his 427R™ ROUSH were discovered by KICKER through Joe Palmer, president of the Oklahoma Mustang Club.  Johnson was thoroughly on board to receive the upgrade and even more thrilled with the results.
“Man, I love it,” he said.  “There is music from every angle.
“It’s like it’s in HD.”
KICKER OEM technicians Matt Matheson and John Cronin installed the kit at KICKER world headquarters in Stillwater, only a few weeks after Johnson purchased the vehicle.
“It still drastically improves the sound, even over the premium Ford Shaker system (that was already in the car),” Matheson said.  “It sounds like music is coming from the windshield and dash, rather than from around your legs.”
For more information on Mustang factory upgrade systems and the many other upgrade systems that KICKER is creating specifically to fit your vehicle, visit your local Ford, Chevy, GMC or Jeep dealership, or your nearest Authorized KICKER Dealer