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KICKER Represented in First Major IASCA Curacao Event

Curacao hosted its first IASCA event for more than 5,000 spectators and 50 competitors on Aug. 24, 2013. KICKER distributor, Jimmy Girigori Jr., is the director of IASCA Curacao.
Events included IASCA Bass Boxing, Tuner Jam and SPL Open Show competitions throughout the day. KICKER was spectacularly represented in the SPL category and throughout the event.
“We had anticipated a good turnout, but were conservative in our estimates, as this was the first big show if its kind on the island in over ten years,” said Girigori. "The turnout well exceeded our expectations."
Girigori plans to expand IASCA’s involvement on the island by creating a series of other local level events that culminate in a finals event crowning Curacao’s champions. A promotional video of the event is being aired online to endorse the event and car audio culture.