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Klock Werks Triumph Rocket III Motor Trike Sets Record

Klock Werks, who recently collaborated with KICKER to provide new power sports packages, is known for their innovative motorcycle designs. Recently, Klock Werks combined a Triumph Rocket III Touring bike, a Carpenter Racing motor kit and a Motor Trike to create a speed trike powerful enough to set a World Land Speed Record at the recent Speed Trials by BUB at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah.
Aptly named the Triumph Rocket III Motor Trike, the speed trike has an amazing sound and classic look. Brian Klock, Founder and President of Klock Werks, piloted the trike to a swift 136 mph.
“So many folks were cheering us on as we were escorted to impound after that first pass,” said Brian Klock. “Something about this powerhouse trike strikes a desire in people to want to ride it.”
Klock Werks, Motor Trike and Triumph Motorcycles are proud to claim the fastest trike passes of the meet and the new FIM World Record for its class.