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L7 Loaded Enclosures
The L7 Loaded Enclosures holds a nasty Solo-Baric L7 subwoofer. Patented square-woofer design, the amazing-sounding SoloKon™, louder than a typical round sub, and award-winning. Award-winning, but nasty.
With KICKER’s pulverizing, patented square subwoofer loaded inside sturdy single- and dual- Loaded Enclosures, the end result is intense. The Solo-Baric® L7 Loaded Enclosures,  loaded with Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofers and with a sizzling new look, are simple ways to upgrade a sound system and satisfy the most radical bass cravings in any vehicle.
Available in a dual-sub enclosure, a single-sub model and a thin-profile enclosure made especially for tight installs, Solo-Baric L7 never fails to provide the biggest KICKER bass available. Vented for ultimate volume, the loaded enclosures are designed with drastically rounded corners and internal bracing for strength, additional support and cosmetic appeal.
An extra-tough, front baffle is the face of the newest KICKER solid-wood boxes, which are covered in plush, charcoal-gray carpeting. Designed with full-coverage back bracing fortified even further within the box, it makes for some of the sturdiest sub boxes money can buy.
Two models of Solo-Baric L7 Loaded Enclosures feature the custom-designed, combo vent/terminal cup, where the impedance designator and oversized recessed port share the same space; the thin-profile box uses a standard slot vent. All of the Solo-Baric L7 loaded enclosures are available only in 2-Ohm impedances.
Certified Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide expertly install KICKER gear into any vehicle for outstanding musical or video entertainment during a drive.
Model TS10L7
TYPE: thin-profile
NO. OF WOOFERS/SIZE [in, cm]: [1] 10, 25
POWER WATTS [peak/RMS]: 1200/600
SENSITIVITY [dB 1w/1m]: 85.9
Dimension A (in., cm) 6-11/16, 16.9
Dimension B (in., cm) 10, 25.4
Dimension C (in., cm) 15, 38.1
Dimension D (in., cm) 21-1/2, 54.6
Model VS12L7
TYPE: single
NO. OF WOOFERS/SIZE [in, cm]: [1] 12, 30
POWER WATTS [peak/RMS]: 1500/750
SENSITIVITY [dB 1w/1m]: 86.9
Dimension A (in., cm) 14-11/16, 37.2
Dimension B (in., cm) 18, 45.7
Dimension C (in., cm) 16, 40.6
Dimension D (in., cm) 18-3/4, 47.5
Model DS12L7
TYPE: dual
NO. OF WOOFERS/SIZE [in, cm]: [2] 12, 30
POWER WATTS [peak/RMS]: 3000/1500
SENSITIVITY [dB 1w/1m]: 89.9
Dimension A (in., cm) 16-3/8, 41.5
Dimension B (in., cm) 19-9/16, 49.7
Dimension C (in., cm) 16, 40.6
Dimension D (in., cm) 32-3/8, 82.2

Power handling assumes typical music program with minimal clipping; varies with enclosure size. See your KICKER dealer for complete details. Based on measurements of 4Ω models.



  • L7 performance in a factory designed enclosure
  • Large diameter, high flow ports with custom flange and terminal cup
  • Heavy duty gray carpet







i have two L7 12's in the kicker box and a zx1000.1 amp in the trunk of my 2004 caddy deville...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much basss ! i turned the gains and bass boost almost completly off to prevent shaking my car apart. thats too much bass for a trunk...maybe a van or a XL SUV but not a trunk. frist time using L7's will never use anything else.

love em

man solo x r crazy got two with a worehores amp broke twoo of my windows woooo cant breath hahaha thay r the

can't hear yourself think let me turn it up

Just put two of the L7 12's in my truck got two zx series 750w amps powering these bad boys and I can tell you I have no problem being heard and felt before I'm seen. the only problem I do have with it is keeping a drink in my cup holder. kicker for life.

kicker subs

I ordered two brand new 12 inch kicker baric L 7s I hope they are as good as the kicker comps because there price is more but you know what they say you pay for what you get

Kicker 12" L7

I have had Kicker 12" L7s in a small box in the back of my mustang for years. I power them through a cheap Slugger SLD 3000 Watt amp @ 1 ohm. I have the gain all the way down and these continue to be the hardest hitting subs I have ever witnessed.


The L7's are the best thing Known to man!

kicker/solobaric L5/L7

Hey, I use 2, L5's in my Benz, Little 8's. I've had them in my car since 2003. Not a skip, clip, or dip! Yea they may be small but they kick ! I'm getting ready to install a pair of L7's in my truck. Again only using 8's, plenty of power, and solid why put something in any bigger. I'm not into competition, nor do I want to replace windows!!! Oh did I mention I also use your component mid's and tweet's in both of my auto's. Awesome Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kicker kicks ass

great product love the sound that the amps and subbs give AAAA+++ ALL THE WAY

go hard or go home

go hard or go home

great subwoofer =]

just installed a VS12L7 with a Fosgate 1000 watt amp a old school one at that and the sub. hits great in my 2005 g35 coupe and it is the best sub i have ever had =]
just one problem didnt want to fit in my car had to remove my spare tire but my car has a tiny trunk =/ but made it fit and loving it =]
if you r considering getting one i say hurry up and get it cus its dope