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Mustang 50th Welcomes MRT Racing and KICKER VSS

MRT Racing, the renowned performance-parts manufacturer/retailer, has KICKER Vehicle-Specific Solutions under the tents this weekend for the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

KICKER’s own John Myers (seen on many episodes of Overhaulin’) is live at the show along with multitudes of Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts for one of the biggest auto festivals of 2014. John will be assisting MRT Racing technicians with installing Vehicle-Specific Solutions for onsite 2005-and-newer Mustangs.

Mustang owners will leave the celebration and Charlotte with all the cargo space they arrived with, and no extra modifications or cutting on their beautiful automobiles. And they’ll notice no problems with their factory radios, as KICKER VSS plugs in with a harness that cause absolutely no error codes. But they WILL notice the fantastic sound system on their drive home!