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Soundoff Teammates Reap Awards

The recent drop in gas prices makes it easier for this team to rev its engines and turn up the volume! The KICKER-equipped team went off, and team member Tim Schaffer earned the title "No-Wall Champion" for the 2008 season and took home the KICKER Competitor-of-the-Show award, and Competitor-of-the-Year award!

With the loudest 12-volt, unmanned record to date boasting 162dB, Schaffer and the rest of the KICKER team exceeded any expectations they previously had. SoloX Subwoofers and Warhorse amplifiers definitely give KICKER-equipped competitors a decided advantage in the lanes at these events. Congratulations guys! Way to be Livin’ Loud!

dB Drag Racing Finals

Michael Nauta - Street A - 7th
Adam Trifonoff - Bassrace 120.0-129.9 - WORLD CHAMPION Michael Lutz - Bassrace 140.0-149.9 - 7th
Steve Mick - Bassrace 150.0-159.9 - 3rd


Loud and Clear Comp Group wins ALL of the Basic classes (5), and 4- 2nds!
Basic 1: Richard Turner
Basic 2: Richard Turner
Basic 3: Krissie Boyd, Kevin Ecker (2nd)
Basic 4: Kevin Ecker, Krissie Boyd (2nd)
Basic 5: Richard Turner (Unlimited)
Adv. 1: (2nd) Krissie Boyd
Adv. 2: (2nd) Kevin Ecker
Advanced No Wall: Tim Schaffer - KICKER award winner of Finals, Best Representation
Xtreme 2: Erik Hoss

USACi World Finals

Set the 0-600 Prostock Outlaw World Record at 161.3 db.
0-600 Stock - Krissie Boyd - WORLD CHAMPION
0-600 Prostock - Krissie Boyd - WORLD CHAMPION
0-600 Stock - Matt Belanger - 2nd place
1801-3000 Stock - Tim Schaffer - WORLD CHAMPION*
1801-3000 Stock - Tim Dougherty - 2nd place
601-1800 Stock - Kevin Davis - 2nd place
Street Beat 1 - Evan Hopkins - 2nd place
Street Beat 3 - Brent Magee - WORLD CHAMPION
Street Beat 3 - Kenny Bischoff - 3rd place
Street Beat 5 - Stereo West/Danny Britain - 2nd place
Chad Stoulil WORLD CHAMPION 3 years running with 6 Solo-Baric L5 12s
Tim Dougherty 2nd place with 12 Solo-Baric L5 10s
Kylie Thacker WORLD CHAMPION with 1 CVX 10 - 153.7
Brent Magee WORLD CHAMPION with 8 Solo-Baric L5 10s
SWAT 2nd place with 8 SoloX 10's and 8 ZX2500.1s
Kevin Ford local SPL 2nd place with 2 Solo-Baric L5 12s
*loudest unmanned 12v USACi car

MECA Finals

Terry Schaffer Street5/1st Place-World Champion/156.0 db New World Rercord/Loudest Street car in the world!! 6-Solo-Baric L7 12's/Kicker 1/0 wire

Phillip Ooten Street 1/4th Place/145.8 db 2-CompVR 12's/ ZX1500.1 amp

JW Vaness Street 3/4th Place/147.5 db 2-CompVX 15's

James Robb Street 2/3rd Place/153.1 db Driveby 2/4th Place/125.1 2-Solo-Baric L7 15's/Kicker 1/0 wire