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VaporTaborCush TalkHP201
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VAPOR Headphones

Sleek and elegant, KICKER’s best headphones deliver impeccable sound and thumping bass straight into your awaiting ears.

Zero Fatigue

These feature a pair of 40 mm dual-diaphragm transducers, sealing ear pads and an acoustically tuned cup design that allow for zero listening fatigue.

Musical Oasis

The trapezoidal-shaped earpieces and soft, leather ear pads provide all day comfort, perfect for long trips providing a personal, musical oasis.

Multi-function Remote

An in-line, 3-button multi-function remote and microphone provide easy audio control and hands-free calling from compatible Apple devices perfect for capable multitaskers.

Tangle-free Cord

A tangle-free, flat cable is detachable, saving you valuable time unraveling cords.
A reliable angled plug with strain relief is ideal for those rough on their electronics.

Comfort Headband

The stainless-steel headband padded for comfort is stylish and functional.

Compact Storage

The folding design provides easy storage options and a complimentary protective, zippered hard case allows you to be worry-free when traveling with your headphones.