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Wyatt Caldwell

Sport:  Snowboarding

Birthday:  2/7/83

What is your dream ride?

Big diesel crew cab lifted with big all terrain tires, big sound system, built for towing sleds, dirtbikes, long distance.

What vehicle do you drive?

1999 GMC Sierra Z500 LTP - won in Grand Prix halfpipe event.

Tell us something most people don't know about you?

I don't like riding halfpipe anymore.

Worst injury?

Breaking my nose 8 miles from the truck snowmobiling, alone, gushing blood, is more painful that all the other surgeries.

Favorite career highlight?

1st in Vans Cup at Tahoe Slopestyle and RailJam 2004

Favorite music to play through your KICKER system?

loud crashes and gunshots from the DVD system!  as well as deep bass guitar.

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