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The ZXRC is compatible with any KICKER amplifier equipped with a REMOTE BASS jack on its end panel (IX / ZX / DX / ZXM).

When the crossover on your IX / ZX / DX / ZXM amplifier is set to LO pass, you have the ability to control the output level of the amplifier remotely using the ZXRC. To mount the ZXRC remote bass level control, simply screw the metal bracket to the chosen location, then slide the housing onto the bracket until it snaps into place. Run the cable from the controller to the REMOTE BASS jack on the amplifier chassis. Note: When the crossover on 4-channel IX / ZX / DX / ZXM amplifiers is set to LO, The ZXRC only controls the AMP2 channel.



I love kicker products

I purchased a l7 solo baric and a zx amp. It is the best system ever created. I would recommend Kickers before any other brand

Oh my god.

This pounds like no other and can't believe how cheap these were. Was going to get some Rockfords and were 10" for way more. Thank you kicker and can't have had my system pounding harder than ever without you guys. Always will buy from you guys !



Its The Ishhh

Its The Ishhh

Kickers subs and amp

I have Kickers L10 series subs two with Kickers dual box and a 700x5 Kicker amp and four 6 1/2 speakers they rock my Altima will never buy anything else but Kicker from now on I feel like im at a concert but im just driving around in my car.

2 Kicker 15 CVR's With a Kicker Kx600.4 Amp!!!

These subs with this amp are unbeliveable but this amp is still tooo powerful for the subs and its only turned up to half power so im lookin to get some L7 12s or 15s

i have a 600w mono amp and it

i have a 600w mono amp and it makes my 2 12" rock