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Cody Elkin's Bionic

Cody is like a brother to the Kicker family. He not only does freestyle Motocross 2-wheel style, but he also does freestyle on Quads. Cody builds a truck for SEMA just about every year. Bionic may be his best effort to date and this truck is so cool it even has it's own Facebook page! Check it out... The Dodge Mega Cab has four 12" L7 subs behind the back seat with the amps above them. It also has a Front Row processor for imaging and high voltage line driving input. It has 4 IX1000 amps on the subs and 2 IX500.4's on 6 sets of QS65's. This truck is huge and it jams! The amazing part is Cody drives it all over the country to do his freestyle shows. He has a list of stuff a mile long on and in it so check out the Facebook page.

I posted some pics below... check 'em out!


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