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Dealer Tour

I just got back off of our 1st dealer tour of the year not long ago and it was CRAZY! We went to 4 dealers in Texas (Audio Connections, Baldwin Electronics, JD's Glassworks, Tunes and Tint) and 1 in Oklahoma (Advantage Audio). The first day was at Audio Connections in Wichita Falls, and those guys were awesome! They used to have a hearse for a demo vehicle with 16 12" XPL' s, wanna talk about waking the dead! We pounded our Boom Room nonstop for 4 hours, jammed out the 4 15's in the Ford Fiesta and had a lot of fun with those guys! It was an awesome day and lots a fun! Then we headed to Baldwin Electronics in Odessa, where it was super hot and did the same... only with more sweat :). The next day was JD's Glassworks and Hill's Hotrods in Lubbock, which share a building together. It turned out to be an amazing car show on top of our normal gig. The next day was Amarillo with Tunes and Tint, which was super fun! Thanks for dinner guys, and gal ;). BTW nice PT Cruiser, wall it off! The last day was Advantage Audio in Elk City. They are known for some gnarly SPL cars and they ahd a Warhorse amp hanging on the wall! After that we hauled butt back to Stillwater just in time to catch my daughters dance recital Saturday night. Made it with 2 minutes to spare thanks to my man Martin, thanks dude! If you hear of us coming to a town near you, come check us out, we're always jammin' out and giving away free stuff!

I posted some pics from the tour below... check 'em out!

Stay cool,

Randy "the Kicker Guy"