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Dealer Tour 2

I just got back off of my 2nd dealer tour not long ago and it was not cool..... It was hot, no reallll hot! When I signed on for the dealer tour thru South and North Dakota and Minnesota I thought I would get a little bit of a break from the 100+ degree temps in Oklahoma but boy was I wrong! On the drive up the XRV, aka" big black 18 wheeler" blew a oil filter gasket and started dumping what would end up being 9 gallons of oil all over the place, including all over Martin and I. After a 30 minute trip back to the town of tiny something Nebraska, population 632, 634 with us:0) we found a Napa store with everything we needed. Loading all this stuff in our 2010 Ford Fiesta "with 4-15's and 4000 watts" show car and getting back to the rig was interesting but with some smart thinking from Martin we got it done. Covered in oil and in 105 degree temps, we got it fixed and back on the road we went. Our first stop was in Rapid City South Dakota , about 25 miles East of Sturgis at Sound Pro. It was beautiful there and we got to see Mount Rushmore thanks to"Hardcore Parcore Jeremy Hartwell". It's an awesome shop next to a Starbucks, "who with all the noise we made probably doesn't care to see us again",and we had a blast! That night we moved on to Williston  North Dakota to Car Toyz, "one of Mobile Electronics magazines top 100 retail car audio stores for 2 years running" where they have one of our old demo trucks packed with 6- 15" CVR's in it and a truck with 4-Solo-X 18's and 4- Warhorses in it! That thing was suuuuuper loud! The turnout at these stops was incredible and our Radio Personality Martin was on the mic several times during the radio remotes the stores had on site. the next day we were in Minot at The Stereo Shop where we took up almost the whole parking lot and shook the building all day long and punished another Starbucks all day. Sorry guys! That night we headed to Detroit Lakes MN. at Pro Systems where we finished it up loud and headed home. Thanks to all the people at these shops and the customers that came out and made the shows a success.


Randy, "The Kicker Guy"