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Front Row

So we have a new product out there called " The Front Row". It is a crossover, bass enhancer, image enhancer, band pass crossover, washes dishes, does your laundry, and even makes your mother-in-law like you! I'm living proof of the mother-in-law thing by the way :0)


Seriously though, the Front Row is the latest creation from the Mad Scientist Division at Kicker. The Front Row combines ultimate control over your speakers by providing 32 step digital crossovers, up to 48 db per octave slopes and a new Kicker exclusive Clip Limiter to prevent speaker damaging distortion.


Combine this with the driver seat adjustable features Kick EQ, SHOCwave bass restoration, Stage-width adjustment and Surround Sound the Front Row truly puts you front and center in your music. In other words, the Front Row literally puts you in the front row! For more information on this product, check it out at your local Kicker dealer or at

Thanks for Reading,
Randy "The Kicker Guy"