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Hideaway HS8 Powered Sub

So my wife has been on my case for awhile now about giving her a "little" bass in her '08 Saturn Vue... Actually since it was new, oops! She wants bass but can't give up any room, so put it nowhere and make it LOUD right! So we have this new product called the Hideaway. It takes up VERY little room, has an 8" woofer, a  "really heavy" one on a 150watt amp. It's about the same size as a bag of printer paper. 3 1/8" tall,  14  x 9.5" wide and deep. It's also easily removable by unstrapping and unplugging it. So I bought one and put it in her Vue, and here is what she thought. "It sounds so much better! That was exactly what I needed and now I'm happy!" The end result is that I'm out of the dog house now and life is better! 
I also get to listen to it and as bad as the stereo sounded before, I now actually enjoy listening to it. Check it out at a dealer near you!

Randy, "The Kicker Guy"