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History of Kicker Technology

 Hey this is Randy, and I'll be checking in thru the KICKER blog every now and then, so check it out. Sometimes it's easy to take the technology we have today for granted. Back in the 1980's we had an 18" woofer that could handle 1000 watts and weighed a massive 30 pounds! I believe that for the money it was the best 18" woofer out there. It fit in a tiny 3.7 cu.ft. Box and retailed for under $500.00. Fast forward 20 years or so and we have a square 18" that handles 3000 watts rms and weighs 103 pounds! This monster of a subwoofer will remove parts from the car next to you, not to mention your own. It also comes with features like user-changeable  voicecoil, and enough motor cooling to rival NASCAR! At Kicker we strive to come up with innovative products that make your stereo systems better. We plan to let you know more about the awesome technology we have in our products. Stay tuned......


Randy the KICKER Guy