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KX Amps

We introduced our new line of KX amps at the CES Show this year. I'm really excited about them because they are sooo cool! I've been testing one and I am really happy with how it performs. Our new KX amps have a lot of new features over our old ZX line. For one, all but the 400.1 of the .1 versions have regulated power supplies that make them much smaller due to being very efficient so there is not as much heat. We call them "boost converter" power supplies. The difference in size in some cases is half as big.

These come in 5 Sizes, the 400.1, 800.1, 1200.1, 1600.1, and the 2400.1. They use analog control knobs that adjust a DSP setup in the amp. This is awesome because the sound is clean, strong and accurate. They all also have 24dB/octave crossovers, an adjustable subsonic filter, and instead of a preset frequency boost, now the KickEQ is parametric with adjustable Q. We also make a 200.2, a 400.4, and an 800.5 version in the KX which have their own cool features. Check them all out at your local Kicker dealer or go to


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Randy "The Kicker Guy"