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This week has been pretty interesting so far. I'm building a display for our XRV, "Extreme Recreational Vehicle" to go all over the country. The display will show how our Kicker U apps work.

By the way, did you know that we have apps for Apple and Android devices? They are called Kicker U and Kicker U lite. In the full version for the cost of $4.99, the app has premade and custom enclosure calculators, woofer wiring wizard, power wire calculator and more! Like me, you too can design goofy boxes all day long. You might even build one of them!

The display has an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy tab, and you can use them to play around with the app and see how it works. I guess it's sort of a try before you buy kinda thing.

Here is a pic of it. I hope you like it!

Randy the KICKER Guy

KickerU / KickerU Lite for Android:

KickerU / KickerU Lite for iOS: