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QS Speakers

Our premier model" and best sounding in my opinion" speakers we make are called our QS series. Did you know that our QS components have bi-amp passive crossovers? You can run one amp through them to the mids and another amp through them to the tweeters. Oh and by the way, they sound awesome!

They have a Tri-Tech Cone and a 30 mm tweeter and handle 100 watts RMS per channel. A Tri-Tech cone is made of 3 different materials, Carbon Fiber, Rohacel tm Foam and a Polymer blend that makes for an extremely light, rigid cone which makes for efficient, accurate sound. We make 2 sizes, a 6", called the QS60, and a 6.5" QS65. They have the option to be used as a coax or separate which also is a cool option. Check em out at a Kicker Dealer near you!

Thanks for reading!
Randy "The Kicker Guy"