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Dealer Tour

I just got back off of our 1st dealer tour of the year not long ago and it was CRAZY! We went to 4 dealers in Texas (Audio Connections, Baldwin Electronics, JD's Glassworks, Tunes and Tint) and 1 in Oklahoma (Advantage Audio). The first day was at Audio Connections in Wichita Falls, and those guys were awesome! They used to have a hearse for a demo vehicle with 16 12" XPL' s, wanna talk about waking the dead! We pounded our Boom Room nonstop for 4 hours, jammed out the 4 15's in the Ford Fiesta and had a lot of fun with those guys!

Kicker U

This week has been pretty interesting so far. I'm building a display for our XRV, "Extreme Recreational Vehicle" to go all over the country. The display will show how our Kicker U apps work.

By the way, did you know that we have apps for Apple and Android devices? They are called Kicker U and Kicker U lite. In the full version for the cost of $4.99, the app has premade and custom enclosure calculators, woofer wiring wizard, power wire calculator and more! Like me, you too can design goofy boxes all day long. You might even build one of them!

Crazy world

What's up everyone? My job at Kicker is interesting to say the least. One project I finished lately is what is affectionately called "the boom room". I just got to hear it and it's really, really loud! It took about two weeks for me and two other guys to build, thanks Fletch and Martin! It's a wall of 12 vented 15's in a 8' by 12' room in our XRV trailer. It will be traveling the country for people to hear soon and it's crazy. Doing stuff like that makes my job fun for sure. There are a couple of pictures with this to see what it looks like.

Hope you like it.

History of Kicker Technology

 Hey this is Randy, and I'll be checking in thru the KICKER blog every now and then, so check it out. Sometimes it's easy to take the technology we have today for granted. Back in the 1980's we had an 18" woofer that could handle 1000 watts and weighed a massive 30 pounds! I believe that for the money it was the best 18" woofer out there. It fit in a tiny 3.7 cu.ft. Box and retailed for under $500.00. Fast forward 20 years or so and we have a square 18" that handles 3000 watts rms and weighs 103 pounds!

CX Amps

We just released our new line of entry level amplifiers a couple of months back and they are exciting. As far as I know this is the first amp to mount in a vertical position. That is really cool when space is an issue for sure. We make 3 models of .1 bass amps, the 1200.1, 600.1, and the 300.1.

KX Amps

We introduced our new line of KX amps at the CES Show this year. I'm really excited about them because they are sooo cool! I've been testing one and I am really happy with how it performs. Our new KX amps have a lot of new features over our old ZX line. For one, all but the 400.1 of the .1 versions have regulated power supplies that make them much smaller due to being very efficient so there is not as much heat.