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KICKER gives you 2 capable equalizers for you to choose from. So choose already!

Thirty bands of 12dB cut or boost at 1/3-octave spacing mean ultimate frequency control in stereo or mono. A scorching 9-volt output lets you pour on the signal to your amps.Adjustable input and output controls for each channel add more control, and fast-acting clip indicators keep things from getting too crazy.

The KQ5 slices the spectrum into five bands with variable center frequencies. Cut/boost is 12dB, and output is a strong 7 volts. Two sets of inputs allow line switching, and front/rear outputs have fader control. There's even a knob that lets you control bass boost on most KICKER amps right from your dash.

Model KQ30
Center Frequencies at 1/3 octave intervals
Bass 25Hz-80Hz
Midbass 100Hz-320Hz
Lower Midrange 400Hz-1.27kHz
Upper Midrange 1.6kHz-5kHz
Treble 6.4kHz-20kHz
Cut/Boost ±12dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >95dB, a-weighted, 1V ref.
Input Sensitivity 500mV-9V
Output Level 0V-9V
Stereo/Mono Operation
EQ Defeat/Bypass
Model KQ5
5 frequency ranges:
Bass 40Hz-90Hz
Midbass 125Hz-250Hz
Lower Midrange 300Hz-750Hz
Upper Midrange 1kHz-4kHz
Treble 6kHz-20kHz
Cut/Boost ±12dB
Input Sensitivity 950mV-9.6V
Output Level 7.0Vrms
Stereo/Mono Operation



Not happy with this product at all!! The one before was much much better (eq9) It has no sub control unless you have a kicker amp ( i dont) It plays clean but the knobs are to hard to control. I do like the clipping led thats why I bought it. I would like to swap it for the old one but ive had it for nearly 3 months and the aurhorised kicker dealer in the uk do not stock the eq9!!!