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HP201 Headphones
HP201 Headphones
Quality sound and dynamic KICKER® bass response

Quality sound and dynamic KICKER® bass response are typical features provided by KICKER HP201 Full-Range Active-Style Headphones, but those aren’t the only attributes that set it apart from other on-ear headphones. With a traditional-fitting, adjustable headband subtly angled to fit ears, HP201 Headphones are durable for even the most active lifestyles.

Whether it’s in the gym, at the office, or on-the-go, the 2 ½-ounce premium headphones allow for entire-day wear, providing an ultra-comfortable, lightweight fit for all ear sizes. The HP201’s cushiony, open-cell-foam speaker coverings offer extraordinary comfort, while staying in place and delivering precise sound during strenuous activity. As if comfort wasn’t enough, these stylish headphones come in two different color combinations – white with a blue KICKER logo design or black with a silver KICKER logo.

Regardless of which color best suits the listener, one thing remains certain – HP201 Active-Style Headphones provide full-range audio and life-like vocals expected from a long-standing, high-performance audio company. To make activities or workouts easier, the 53-inch Kevlar®-reinforced cable with a corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated one-eighth-inch plug provides freedom for movement and is perfect to use with any iPod®, iPhone™, Zune® device or any portable media player. Kevlar, the same material used in bulletproof vests for military and law enforcement, has allowed the KICKER Ultra-Gauge™ cable to perform without fail under the most strenuous factory stress testing.

Model HP201
Frequency response, Hz 21-19kHz
Sensitivity, db/1mW 106
Nominal impedance, ohm 32
Mass/Weight, oz (g) 2.5 (70)
Max input / power handling, mW 30
Max output, dB 118
Cable, in (cm) 53.15in (135cm)
Plug, in (mm) 1/8 in (3.5mm) corrosion-resistant nickel plating
Magnet Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd-Fe-B)
Speaker diameter 1.2 in (30 mm)
RoHS Compliant Yes

    Full-range, over-the-head adjustable, on-ear headphones for active lifestyles
  • Comfort – adjustable, lightweight headband angled to fit down over the ears
  • Sound Quality – legendary KICKER bass and premium full-range sound
  • Speakers – premium 30mm drivers tuned for quality sound and exceptional bass response
  • Cable - Kevlar®-reinforced cable for long life, reliability and secure connection (Kevlar reinforcement has provided a dramatic
    durability increase in factory testing.)
  • iPhone™ Compatible – 1/8-inch, corrosion-resistant plug compatible with iPhone recessed jack
  • Colors – black with a silver logo / white with a blue logo



Thee headphones have awesome quality and portability. Defanately the big bang for little buck

these headphones are the best

these headphones are the best to use on the mountain for snowboarding or skiing... U should defiantly get these headphones