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KICKER “Pays It Forward” with Mustang Club of America


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Vito Pushes Free KICKER iPod® System on

What do you listen to on the slopes, or anywhere else for that matter?  

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Ten-Thousand-Watt Amp Now Available at Your Nearest Dealer

KICKER’s much-anticipated 10,000-watt amplifier, known as the Warhorse, is now shipping and hitting the streets at an authorized dealer near you.

The WX10000.1 Signal-Modulated Subwoofer Amplifier is a massive marvel – more than 10,000 true watts surging to dual-voice-coil subs with the highest power-handling capabilities. Recommended for use with SoloX Subwoofers, the Warhorse easily summons enough juice to be dangerous, so a complete understanding of the owner’s manual is vital prior to installation.

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Only the Best Bass for the AeroMax

KICKER hooked up with a leading British sports car manufacturer to bring one sweet car.

The brand new Morgan AeroMax will now offer the option of a wicked KICKER system. This bumpin’ ride will be cruising with an 8-inch CompVR subwoofer powered by a 300-watt mono-block amplifier, easily beating anything else in its class. The blend of AeroMax’s stylish design and KICKER’s extreme system will be one deadly combination.

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"Storm Chasers" Require Insane Stereo

With KICKER’s Global Headquarters located in the heart of Tornado Alley, we know a thing or two about one of nature’s deadliest creations – the tornado.

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Reviews Say "iKICK and zKICK rock!"

The new phenomena from KICKER Performance Audio, the iK500 Stereo System for iPod and the ZK500 System for Zune, are getting rave reviews from the Who’s Who list in the industry.

And why wouldn’t they? The indisputable leader in car audio now delivers the most innovative stereo system available for your iPod or Zune digital media player. Here’s what they said:

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KICKER-Infused "DUB Edition" Rides Now on the Street

Chrysler LLC recently partnered with automotive industry lifestyle leaders at DUB Magazine to bring two limited-edition vehicles to the market that offer supreme KICKER sound.

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Get Extreme KICKER Audio in Your New Vehicle

Would you like to crank up your ridiculous KICKER stereo system as you cruise your brand new ride right off the lot? Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep automotive dealers across the nation are literally showing their customers how to upgrade their new car purchases with Mopar/KICKER Audio sound packages, right on the showroom floor.

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Deadliest Catch's Cornelia Marie Reels in Hammerin' System

KICKER recently hooked up with the fishing vessel Cornelia Marie, one of the four ships featured in the hit show "Deadliest Catch," which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show, covering the dangers of Alaskan king-crab fishing for those of you who live under a rock, consistently carries top ratings and is in its fourth season.

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Classic Challenger Muscles In with Tough Audio System

It's the triumphant return of big, mean, and nasty, with an injection of pure adrenalin in the stereo system.

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