ZXMRLC Dual-Zone Remotes
The dual-zone, ZXMRLC Remote Level Control/Preamp delivers ultimate flexibility and control in a boat's audio system, or in any area where two levels of loudness zones are sought.

Greater Control

The ZXMRLC provides separate level controls for a pair of audio zones on a watercraft, such as the tower and cockpit speakers, enhancing the fun on the rivers, lakes and seas.

Your head unit or any MP3 Player

Tower speaker volume can be turned independently from the boat speakers. Subwoofers or transom speakers can be added and controlled as well. The ZXMRLC can be used with an iPod® or any MP3 player for applications where traditional head units are not needed.

ZXMRLC Specifications
(RCA) Stereo inputs
Line-level. Handles up to 4.5 volts and differential-balanced inputs for minimizin unwanted noise.
2 (RCA) Stereo outputs
Each with its own rotary volume controls. The remote volume controls have their own extendable umbilical cords for effortless mounting flexibility.
Providing up to 9V RMS of unclipped output to amplifiers and dual line-level, (RCA) stereo zone outputs.

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