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It's the solution to legendary but versatile KICKER bass

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KICKER® has developed and perfected a smart, integrated solution for adding legendary but versatile KICKER bass to any vehicle’s audio system.  KICKER BassStation™ Powered Subwoofers combine subs, enclosures and amplifiers in a specifically designed application for optimal bass performance.

With a heavy-duty subwoofer, tough enclosure and digital amplifier operating together as one, the end result is intense. Features a quick-connect Molex power, signal and remote turn-on harness/plug for simple set-up or removal.  Once installed, nylon straps with Velcro® help secure the BassStation in place. When hauling space is needed, the enclosure is simply removed by disconnecting the plug and loosening the straps.

The BassStation comes with a remote bass control, adjustable low-pass crossover, subsonic filter, variable +6dB bass boost, phase cancelling switch for max bass output and two automatic turn-on options.  It also features high- and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit.

Certified Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide expertly install KICKER gear into any vehicle for outstanding musical or video entertainment during a drive.

Model PT10
NO. OF WOOFERS/SIZE [in, cm]: [1] 10, 25
RMS POWER [watts], 14.4V: 100
WEIGHT [lbs, kg]: 18, 8.2
Dimension A (in., cm) 4-11/16, 11.8
Dimension B (in., cm) 7-11/16, 19.5
Dimension C (in., cm) 12-13/16, 32.5
Dimension D (in., cm) 19-5/16, 49
CROSSOVER: 12dB/octave low pass at 50-120Hz
SUBSONIC FILTER: 24dB/octave high pass at 25Hz
KickEQ™ BOOST: variable to +6dB @ 40Hz
REMOTE BASS: included

Power handling assumes typical music program with minimal clipping; varies with enclosure size. See your KICKER dealer for complete details.


  • It’s the smart, self-contained solution to legendary but versatile KICKER bass

  • Velcro® mounting straps and quick-connect plug – easy to fit or remove when you need the space

  • After initial installation, simply strap down, plug in, and enjoy from then on!

  • Integrates with almost any factory or aftermarket audio system

  • 100-watt, Class-D amp

  • Remote adjustable gain, crossover, 0-180° phase reversal and bass boost for precise bass tuning 




Feedback for the PT10 Subwoofer

I have a 2003 GMC Somona and this 10" subwoofer fit perfectly behind my drivers seat. The installers put the volume knob on the side of the subwoofer box and it's a very easy reach. I'm very impressed with the amount of bass I'm getting out of this subwoofer and I'm able to crank my music way up and have thumping bass. I'm very happy with my purchase and Kicker is a good brand to purchase. This subwoofer will deliever more in performance than the Hideaway subwoofer that I thought about having to get at first until I found out that this subwoofer set up would be just perfect for my situation being I have a very small tight place. If your looking to add thumping bass look no further as this is the subwoofer for you! This is my first purchase from Kicker and it will not be my last as I'm very impressed with my first product. I even have enough room to add another PT10 subwoofer behind my passengers side seat and I'm seriously concedering doing it to have even more bass! You can play hiphop, rap, dance or anything you can think of with it and the bass is just amazing! It's very loud with the one PT10 but put two of these bad boys together and it will be a concert. So for all you truck or people having very tight situations like me, you will be able to use this subwoofer which is great news for everyone! I even listen to hardrock, classic rock and heavy metal and that too sounds great! I got my subwoofer from Best Buy and paid to have them install it for me. The end result is I'm extreamly happy and even more happy knowing I can another PT10 inside my little truck. If you want very loud thumping bass and love cranking up your stero to very loud volumes such as myself this subwoofer will deliever no problems at all and it's not distorted what so ever as it's very clean tight sounding bass! With the Hideaway you couldn't crank it up as much and it's more of a fill in bass but very nice. For me I love it very loud and love the major deep thumping sound. The PT10 comes with all the wiring you need and the built in Amp so there is no extra parts you will need to purchase. That's great because it saves you money plus it's cheaper than the Hideaway. I'll let you know how it sounds with two PT10 subwoofers once I get it installed and have a chance to listen to it for a few hours before posting more feedback. I can imagine it's going to be a mind blowing experience!

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Kicker PT10 Subwoofer

Kicker PT10

Purchased this to replace my mediocre factory Pioneer sub in my 2012 GMC Terrain. It works and gives me enough thump for a good price. The alternative was going to cost me 3 times as much for a separate amp, sub box and wiring. Very happy.

I want to buy kicker

I want to buy kicker

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I like this product i love you


Kicker has done good!!! I just put a Basstation PT10 in my '09 Honda Ridgeline and it sounds great!! Anyone familiar with the Ridge knows that there is not any space behind the rear seat like a conventional pickup. With just the stock stereo in it I wanted to add some low end punch, but not go crazy with price or volume. This unit does it...and at just over $300 installed, well worth the value. I had Bazooka tubes in my '92 Suburban, and this sounds just as good, maybe better. The Kicker name and reliability are what sold me on this product and I couldn't be happier. Well done!