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KICKER's CompVR subwoofer offers features beyond any other woofer in its class. It has consistently been the industry standard in sound, performance and price.
The KICKER® CompVR® Subwoofer delivers high performance and power handling with superior bass technology exceeding anything else in its class. It’s the cornerstone from which all legendary KICKER bass is chiseled.

The CompVR comes from a long line of excellence, evolving from the tough-as-nails KICKER Competition Subwoofer back in the day. The newest CompVR is engineered to the highest levels, and its dark look will have any installation primed to perform.

It offers some of the clearest, loudest bass from KICKER’s round subwoofer lineup. CompVR has an updated injection-molded cone which completely eliminates flex and distortion using 360-degree back bracing. Premium KICKER Solo-Baric® technology trickles down into the overall motor structure, allowing the sub to handle more power and withstand more abuse. It utilizes an updated solid pole piece for superb heat dissipation and a wide range of lows. The progressive-roll polycotton spider and steel basket’s perimeter venting assure absolute heat dissipation without breakdown.

CompVR creates motion and sound using high-temp, dual voice coils. A ribbed Santoprene® surround also gives the cone added strength at high excursions. The perimeter venting, Spiralead™ tinsel-lead technology, and spring-loaded push terminals are part of the package – high-performance engineering standards found on every KICKER woofer.

The KICKER CompVR Subwoofer is available in three sizes and performs from a sealed or vented enclosure.
Model CVR15
Size (IN.,CM) 15, 38.0
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 1000/500
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 89.2
Frequency Response (Hz) 25-500
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 8 3/16, 20.7
Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 13 11/16, 34.7
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1.8, 51
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 5.2, 147
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 3, 85
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 5, 142
Model CVR12
Size (IN.,CM) 12, 30.0
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 800/400
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 86.9
Frequency Response (Hz) 25-500
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 6 1/4, 15.9
Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 11, 27.8
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1, 28.3
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 4.6, 130
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.75, 49.6
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 2.25, 63.7
Model CVR10
Size (IN.,CM) 10, 25.0
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 800/400
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 83.6
Frequency Response (Hz) 25-500
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 5 1/2, 14.0
Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 9 3/16, 23.3
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 0.8, 22.7
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 3, 85
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.25, 35.4
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.75, 49.6

*Assumes typical music program with minimal amplifier clipping; varies with enclosure size. See your KICKER dealer for details.

**Port Volume Excluded.

Due to continual developement, product, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Stillwater Designs and it's agents are not responsible for typographical errors.


  • Best woofer in its class, and cornerstone of KICKER bass
  • High performance and power handling with superior bass technology
  • 2- or 4-Ohm dual voice coil
  • Super-rigid, injection-molded cone with 360-degree back bracing
  • High-mass solid pole piece for removing potentially damaging heat
  • High-temp coil wire
  • Strong steel basket with coil-cooling perimeter venting
  • Ribbed Santoprene® surround for strength at high excursion
  • Durable Spiralead tinsel leads
  • Tough double-stitching on surround
  • Handy spring-loaded terminals





Had 3 12" kciker compvr's in explorer sport and i must say that it had heads turnin and people not wanting to ride wit me, now i am droppin 2 12" compvr's in a 2008 ford f-150 cant wait to build this box and get them in there..... LOVE KICKER and all of their products


is very good subwoofer

Comp VR10

Kicker stereo equipment is the best, I have DS65.2 up front, DS60 in the back, one 700.5 Amp with one CVR10 in a 2006 Nissan SER..Sounds Great!!

gotta love it

i have had my one cvr 12 in for over a year now i had a guy i know. who has been dealing with car audio 4 25 years now. help me hook it up n have never had a issue it even got a hole poked in the rubber ring on the outside we patched. now i have 2 on 600 watts total n the beat harder then some custom built subs i have seen. they r my 5th set of subs n still the best. i have them in a sealed box n im going to have them db level tested. ill let you know what they get these r great subs as long as u set them up right!!!! THANK KICKER!!!! keep up the great work

Update --> sanemanmad

OK, Today I spoke with Kicker and they are replacing the sub under a warranty. The customer service rep advised the voice coils can overheat due to high gain being set or possibly from the amplifier being setup incorrectly. Either way Kicker is doing good by me and I will remain a loyal Kicker customer. Kicker you ROCK!!

Dual 12" CompVR in Ported Enclosure

Upgraded from a pair of Kicker 10" comp subs. Bought the pair of CompVR 12" from an authorized Kicker dealer on 1/27/2012 and professionally installed by same dealer. I rarely bumped these things at even half of capacity and never touched the AMP settings so I know it has nothing to do with mis-configured settings, However today I was driving home and smelled a funky odor and noticed the bass was gone from my subs, so I pulled over popped my trunk and stuck my hand in the ported enclosure to feel it was definitely hot. After doing some research it appears I am not the only person who has encountered this issue with the same exact subs so this seems to be a known issue! The system was being powered by an Kicker DX1000.1 Amp. I hope Kicker is willing to work with me on this and so I can change my review and continue rocking this brand.

2 12" cvr

I went from one DC audio lvl 3 15" to 2 12" cvr and I must say kicker cvr are not very good I might have to try the l7 a buddy of mine has a pair and they sound good the hype is just that hype.


i have a 12" set of these bad boyz in a ported box and i had 1 set up with my home stereo. well i just moved into a house and i had it turned up and i had the cops knocking on my door because i was shaking my nabors pic on there wall....kicker rocks!!!!!

Kicker cvr 12

I hav 1cvr 12 in sealed box with alpine 500 pushing it & it shakes my whole car love it can't wait till I have 2 of them lol!!!


These were my first subs but man are they the best i've ever had. I have them mounted in a V-ported CVR kicker box, and my friends who have one or more 15" JL audio subs say that mine hit hard for just being twelves and they pick up the lows really well. All i had pushing them was a Kenwood 1000w amp but i got rid of that amp and am planning on buying an Alpine 500w amp. These subs shake the entire car with incredible force.