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D-Series Amps
D-Series Amplifiers
New for 2014, D-Series Amplifiers supply the advanced feature set and trusted reliability one would imagine.
Plenty of Power

Consisting of the most flexible stereo models and potent monoblock models, this amplifiers power is guaranteed to exceed rated power.

Optimized & Compact

Featuring an optimized circuit layout for the most efficient use of components and clearest sound quality for trusted reliability in the most compact chassis allowable.

FIT™ Technology

Loaded with FIT™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology), an advanced circuitry for superior power, clarity and dependability.

Crossovers & KickEQ™

Users can take advantage of built-in crossovers and KickEQ™ processing for dialing perfect sound.

Six Models

Available in four monoblock and two multi-channel amplifiers to cover a range of subwoofer systems.

Mono, 2 or 4 Channels

Available in mono- 2- or 4-channel models for outstanding performance from components and subwoofers.

Mono Models DXA1500.1 DXA1000.1 DXA500.1 DXA250.1
POWER 2Ω MONO (Watts) 1500 1000 500 250
CEA Rated Pwr., 4Ohm/Ch, 14.4Vdc, 1% THD (Watts) 750 500 250 125
Signal to Noise Ratio (ref: 1W, A-weighted) -70 -70 -75 -75
CXRC Remote Capable yes yes yes yes
Dimension A (in., cm) 13-5/8, 34.5 12-1/16, 31 8-1/8, 21 8-1/8, 21

Multi-Channel Models DXA250.4 DXA125.2
POWER 2Ω MONO (Watts) 60x4 60x2
POWER 4Ω BRIDGED MONO (Watts) 125x2 125x1
CEA Rated Pwr., 4Ohm/Ch, 14.4Vdc, 1% THD (Watts) 30x4 30x2
Signal to Noise Ratio (ref: 1W, A-weighted) -75 -75
Dimension A (in., cm) 12-7/16, 32 8-1/8, 21

*Power handling assumes typical music program with minimal clipping. See your KICKER dealer for complete details. Based on measurements of 4Ω models.