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Box Building Hints

All the cubic feet numbers given in the supplied charts include the displacement of the woofer. For the ported boxes, the displacement of the port must be added to the final design. It will be impractical to use round ports for these designs. The rectangular port information given will yield the best results.

Always use 3/4" or thicker MDF and make sure all the joints are secure and well sealed. The peak pressure in a ported box can exceed that of a sealed enclosure. All of these designs need some internal bracing. Be sure to add 2"x2" to 3"x3" triangle braces between each of the larger unsupported panels. Kicker recommends using a good grade of wood glue and silicone sealer for an airtight box.

Note:If you prefer an ultra-smooth bass response, you should loosely fill your ported Solo-Baric Enclosure with polyfil. If you do so, the entrance to the port (inside the box) must be covered with hardware cloth, chicken wire, or expanded metal to prevent the polyfil from being blown out through the port. Use of polyfil will slightly decrease efficiency, but will deepen and extend low bass response.

Do not install a ported box with the port against a solid surface. The port opening must remain unobstructed. Use the smallest dimension of the rectangular port as the minimum amount of space required between the port and any surface to insure unrestricted airflow.

If you would like to use a vented enclosure, but the box designs we provide you with (in this manual) do not fit because of width or depth, the designs can be modified. The shape of the enclosure is not vital, but The Volume Is. The volume, of the design you choose, must stay the same. The following diagrams provide you with some help to insure your enclosure is built correctly



If you are going to bend the port at 90° you will need to add 1/2 of the ports height to the length! See Below.

(Fig. 1)
Hport = 3"
Wport= 10"
Lport = 20"

(Fig. 2)
Since Hport is 3" you need to add
1.5"( 1/2 Of Hport) tO Lport. This
means that L1 + L2 = 21.5"

Always measure L1 and L2 down
the center to get an accurate

Here are a couple more examples of the different shape enclosures you can build. The woofer can be mounted on the same side as the port or the back side of the enclosure can be slanted to fit up against your back seat.. On the cut sheets we provide, change the dimensions to accommodate the woofer and the vent on the same side. Make sure the internal volume does not change!