12" CompQ 4 Ohm
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The KICKER CompQ™ Subwoofer delivers on all of the power, capacity and performance of its square counterpart L7™, only utilizing a round basket and cone.

The 12" CompQ 4 Ohm

The CompQ 12” Subwoofer is the best sound quality round driver we’ve ever made, with nearly identical construction and performance as our L7 square subs.

A thick ceramic magnet and heavy duty voice coil work with an extended pole piece to provide extremely deep bass reproduction - all without distortion. You get a strong, crisp sound that works perfectly with every kind of music.

The CompQ 12-Inch Subwoofer works best with a sealed or ported enclosure with 850 watts of recommended power. See below for more details.

CompQ™ Specifications
Rated Impedance [Ω]
Fs [Hz
Sensitivity [1W, 1m]
Re [Ω]
Vas [ft³, L]
.91 ,26
Continuous Power Handling [Watts RMS]
Outer Frame Dimension [in, cm]
12-1/2, 31.8
Mounting Depth [in, cm]
7-1/8, 18.1
Mounting Cutout [in, cm]
11-1/16, 28.1
Frequency Response [Hz
20 – 100
Sealed Enclosure Specs
Minimum Sealed Volume ft3 (L)
.88 (24.92)
Minimum Sealed Power Handling
850 RMS
Maximum Sealed Volume ft3 (L)
2 (56.64)
Maximum Sealed Power Handling
850 RMS
Panel Dimensions for Minimum Sealed Enclosures using 3/4” (1.9cm) thick MDF
Box Volume [ft³, L]
.88 (24.92)
Panel A [in, cm]
13.5x13.5, 34.3x34.3
Panel B [in, cm]
13.5x10.5, 34.3x26.7
Panel C [in, cm]
12x10.5, 30.5x26.7
Vented Minimum
Box Volume, ft³ (L) + port displacement
1.75, 49.6
Port Opening Size, in x in (cm x cm)
2.5x13.25, 6.4x34
Port Length, in (cm)
22.5, 57
Power Handling, RMS
Vented Maximum
Box Volume, ft³ (L)
3.25, 92
Port Opening, in x in (cm x cm)
3x13.25, 7.6x34
Port Length, in (cm)
14.5, 37
Power Handling, Watts RMS

Due to continual developement, product, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Stillwater Designs and it's agents are not responsible for typographical errors.

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