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KICKER's CompVR subwoofer offers features beyond any other woofer in its class. It has consistently been the industry standard in sound, performance and price.
The KICKER® CompVR® Subwoofer delivers high performance and power handling with superior bass technology exceeding anything else in its class. It’s the cornerstone from which all legendary KICKER bass is chiseled.

The CompVR comes from a long line of excellence, evolving from the tough-as-nails KICKER Competition Subwoofer back in the day. The newest CompVR is engineered to the highest levels, and its dark look will have any installation primed to perform.

It offers some of the clearest, loudest bass from KICKER’s round subwoofer lineup. CompVR has an updated injection-molded cone which completely eliminates flex and distortion using 360-degree back bracing. Premium KICKER Solo-Baric® technology trickles down into the overall motor structure, allowing the sub to handle more power and withstand more abuse. It utilizes an updated solid pole piece for superb heat dissipation and a wide range of lows. The progressive-roll polycotton spider and steel basket’s perimeter venting assure absolute heat dissipation without breakdown.

CompVR creates motion and sound using high-temp, dual voice coils. A ribbed Santoprene® surround also gives the cone added strength at high excursions. The perimeter venting, Spiralead™ tinsel-lead technology, and spring-loaded push terminals are part of the package – high-performance engineering standards found on every KICKER woofer.

The KICKER CompVR Subwoofer is available in three sizes and performs from a sealed or vented enclosure.
Model CVR15
Size (IN.,CM) 15, 38.0
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 1000/500
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 89.2
Frequency Response (Hz) 25-500
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 8 3/16, 20.7
Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 13 11/16, 34.7
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1.8, 51
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 5.2, 147
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 3, 85
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 5, 142
Model CVR12
Size (IN.,CM) 12, 30.0
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 800/400
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 86.9
Frequency Response (Hz) 25-500
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 6 1/4, 15.9
Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 11, 27.8
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1, 28.3
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 4.6, 130
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.75, 49.6
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 2.25, 63.7
Model CVR10
Size (IN.,CM) 10, 25.0
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 800/400
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 83.6
Frequency Response (Hz) 25-500
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 5 1/2, 14.0
Mounting Cutout (IN.,CM) 9 3/16, 23.3
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 0.8, 22.7
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 3, 85
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.25, 35.4
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.75, 49.6

*Assumes typical music program with minimal amplifier clipping; varies with enclosure size. See your KICKER dealer for details.

**Port Volume Excluded.

Due to continual developement, product, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Stillwater Designs and it's agents are not responsible for typographical errors.


  • Best woofer in its class, and cornerstone of KICKER bass
  • High performance and power handling with superior bass technology
  • 2- or 4-Ohm dual voice coil
  • Super-rigid, injection-molded cone with 360-degree back bracing
  • High-mass solid pole piece for removing potentially damaging heat
  • High-temp coil wire
  • Strong steel basket with coil-cooling perimeter venting
  • Ribbed Santoprene® surround for strength at high excursion
  • Durable Spiralead tinsel leads
  • Tough double-stitching on surround
  • Handy spring-loaded terminals




2002chevy 2 cvr12s

2002 chevy silverado ext cab. jvc hd single din headunit. alpine type E 6 1/2 in the front doors. alpine type S 4x6 in rear doors. rockford fosgate 500 watt amp. 2 cvr 12s in a custom fox box under the back seat. sounds amazing! i wanted a good system without loosing any seating space. i got exactly what i wanted. for being 17 and choosing all components and doing the whole installl myself i feel i did a great job. alot of people ask where i got it installed! not a single wire is visible and im proud of my work. thanks kicker for making some great subs to add that KICK to my system!

kicker comp vr 2013

i love these subs and enjoy them every day



Very pleased

I had a 8inch in a small sealed box and was ok but put it in a ported box and that thing came alive. Was very loud and paired great with a comp10 Will continue to buy kicker<3

4 CVR 10s on 1200rms

I have an 89 toyota single cab pickup that i recently put a system into. I am an installer at a custom audio shop in Caldwell, Id and have been installing for 7 years. I installed 4 cvr 10s in a sealed box, 2.2 per chamber with 2 in each chamber. cut the whole back wall out of my truck and it fits nice and neat. I have the qs 65.2 components up front bi amped off of an alpine mrx f65 (100 x 4 at 4ohms) and my subs are running off of an alpine mrx m110 (birth certificate says 1206 x 1 at 2 ohm).
it is insanely loud. It takes my breath away. And it is still really clean. I have owned many, and installed many different kinds of subs, and these are by far my favorite, especially for the money. I rep their product full tilt, kicker sticker on front windshield, and my shop actually has a custom sticker we got from kicker with livin loud on top and our shop name on bottom. LIVIN LOUD to the fullest. Thanks kicker.

Kicker Subwoofers

I have a few friends that own your product and they love them, I get to hear music every day on your product and it is awesome.

kicker 15" compvrs

I had 2-15" kicker compvrs with a jbl 1200.1 amp with box sealed and was 2.5cub ft each chamber and they were a good sub. They hit lows preety well some music like rock didnt respond well but your looking at 15"s they will be somewhat sloppy but better then other brands of 15"s for sure and for a entry sub kicker compvr is a great sub for low budget and not power gobbler. If you want a very hard hitting 15" go with the solobaric L Series alot cleaner, install was in a 1989 Shelby Dodge Lancer by the way with all kicker components and kicker 4channel amplifier

2 12'' comp vr

I recently was searching for good subs..after waitin and looking on craigslist for almost 2 mths..I decided ill jus go to best buy and see what they have to offer...I listened to everything they had ..and hands down by far the comp vr subs where the best sounding and looking subs they I got the 2 12'' comp vr's and the kicker box kicker dx1000 mono block amp and of corse 4g kicker wiring them hooked up and damn they were amazing lol..I couldn't believe what I was hearing ..everything was shaking even my exhaust ..definitely living loud ...loving kicker everyday ...and I will never take my kicker badge off my window lol rep kicker all day everyday

I have one comp vr 12 inch in

I have one comp vr 12 inch in a small sealed enclosure (.9 c.f.) under the back seat of my 97 GMC extended cab running on 400 watts. Everyone thinks its two 12's. I literally have to take out the car seats n lift the seat to prove its jus one lil twelve blurring there vision. Next is 3 cvx 12's for tha Yukon. Great job kicker.

INSANE bass for the right $$$

I'm a bass head on a budget, and coming from entry level subs that kept blowing out,I really had never heard a true quality woofer until I bought this thing! I did some shopping around and seeing what ridiculous prices most car audio shops charge finally decided to take a trip down to Best Buy.The Comp VR has everything that the Comp 10 lacks including awesome low end frequency response down to 25 Hz,unbelievable bass punch, and incredible clarity.For under $150 bucks you will not find a better sub woofer.I have one VR 10 wired in series in a sealed box and it slams out every note with precision,it's a head turner and shakes the whole car,plus the ones around me too!!I have it hooked to my 380 watt Arc Audio FD2200 amp and control with my Alpine 9883 HU.I listen to mainly bass heavy music like Techno, Hard Rock, and old skool Hip Hop,this sub has no problem handling any kind of music, and hasn't even been broken in yet!The woofers made outta the finest materials and can withstand the elements.It's 2 ohm stable and it's dual voice coils really bring this baby to life! If the VR is any indication of how the Solos sound due to it having some of the same technology then wow I can't imagine having any bigger sub in my car, and KICKER makes the best sounding subs .My gain is only 1/2 and bass on -1 and it almost blows me outta the car.KICKER proves that you don't gotta go broke in order to have a great sounding system.Best Buy even threw in a 2 year ext.warranty so if anything happens,I'm covered. I'm a fan for life,thanks KICKER!