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Solo-Baric L7
KICKER's authentic and original square subwoofer. Ground-breaking design that started it all. Imitated, but NEVER duplicated.

Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer technology continues to maintain the title as the first and foremost authority on bass. It was the world’s first patented square subwoofer, supplying the extra decibels needed for deep, musical bass in a mobile audio system.

“Bass is what we are all about… it’s our specialty,” KICKER founder and President Steve Irby said. “From the very start, we’ve been known for rich sound – it’s the KICKER heritage, and it’s carried out through all we do.”

The Solo-Baric’s cutting-edge, square-sub design ultimately means more cone area, more air displacement and, therefore, more decibels than a conventional round woofer. With a patented corner-ribbed, double-stitched Santoprene® surround helping to hold the massive motor structure in place, the Solo-Baric L7 provides durability at a high excursion without compromising sound quality.

“We’ve got the accuracy, but we also have the intensity,” Irby said. “When we listen (during testing), we listen to it loud – we know there is no distortion. We make sure of it.”

Available in 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch models, the Solo-Baric L7’s highly-engineered motor structure handles huge power and provides extreme output. With heavy-duty, ribbon tinsel leads intertwined with semi-progressive spider technology, the square sub promises dependability when pushed to the limit, while dual voice coils with high-temp copper windings easily handle intense heat and power levels.

In addition to the unshakable structure, the Solo-Baric revolves around KICKER’s most advanced cone design, the injection-molded SoloKon™, which adds targeted strength for reliable performance and accurate response. The 360-degree, constant-contact back bracing adheres directly to every contour of the SoloKon square cone, maximizing the mechanical coupling of the motor while making the woofer as strong and responsive as possible.

Venting in SoloKon’s back-bracing and along the perimeter of the spider landing provides maximum air-flow to cool the voice coils during operation. The woofer utilizes a high-mass, extended pole piece to aid in heat dissipation.

The distinctive cast-aluminum basket provides a strong motor foundation, maintaining a low temperature and a mild magnetic field for the most efficient motion, as well as protecting the Solo-Baric’s specialized inner workings. The Solo-Baric L7 woofer remains available in 2-Ohm or 4-Ohm DVC and conducts business from a sealed- or vented-box application.

Model Solo-Baric L7 15
Size (IN.,CM) 15, 38.1
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 2000/1000
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 89.4
Frequency Response (Hz) 18-100
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 8-11/16, 22.1
Mounting Cutout, Square (IN.,CM) 13-3/4, 34.9
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1.5, 42.5
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 6.0, 169.9
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 3.0, 85.0
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 6.0, 169.9
Model Solo-Baric L7 12
Size (IN.,CM) 12, 30.5
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 1500/750
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 88.6
Frequency Response (Hz) 20-100
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 6-11/16, 16.9
Mounting Cutout, Square (IN.,CM) 11-1/16, 28.1
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) .88, 24.9
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 2.0, 56.6
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.75, 49.6
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 3.25, 92.1
Model Solo-Baric L7 10
Size (IN.,CM) 10, 25.4
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 1200/600
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 86.8
Frequency Response (Hz) 24-100
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 6-1/4, 15.9
Mounting Cutout, Square (IN.,CM) 9-5/16, 23.7
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) .66, 18.7
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1.0, 28.3
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.25, 35.4
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 2.25, 63.8
Model Solo-Baric L7 8
Size (IN.,CM) 8, 20.32
Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 900/450
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 83.6
Frequency Response (Hz) 28-100
Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 4-3/4, 12.1
Mounting Cutout, Square (IN.,CM) 7-1/4, 18.4
Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) .33, 9.4
Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) .75, 21.2
Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** .66, 18.6
Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 1.0, 28.3

*Assumes typical music program with minimal amplifier clipping; varies with enclosure size. See your KICKER dealer for details.

**Port Volume Excluded.

Due to continual developement, product, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Stillwater Designs and it's agents are not responsible for typographical errors.


  • Square vs. Round: More cone area results in greater sound pressure produced by the woofer
  • The massive motor structure of the L7 paired with KICKER's patented square-woofer technology provides extreme output capability
  • Heat-sinking cast aluminum basket provides a strong motor foundation and maintains low temperatures during long-term operation
  • Injection-molded SoloKon™ is our most advanced cone design, adding targeted strength for reliable performance and accurate response
  • Patented corner-ribbed, double-stitched Santoprene® surround provides durability at high excursion with uncompromised sound quality
  • 360° constant-contact back bracing adheres directly to every contour of the cone to maximize mechanical coupling of the motor, maintaining precise linear excursion while making the woofer as strong and responsive as possible
  • Heavy-duty speaker leads are stitched and glued to the spider rolls for reliable performance when pushed to the limits
  • Progressive-roll spider keeps stress away from the glue joint of the spider landing for long-lasting reliability
  • Venting in the back-bracing of the cone and perimeter of the spider landing provides maximum air-flow to cool the voice-coil during operation
  • Dual Voice Coils with high-temp copper windings handle extreme power levels for long durations without burning out
  • T-cut top plate extends the magnetic field of the motor, adding balanced motor strength throughout the entire excursion path of the voice coil
  • Solid-dome extended pole piece maintains precise voice-coil control and aids in heat dissipation




L7 8"

I purchased a 4 ohm 8 inch L7 and an IX 500.1 amp and had them installed professionally with the voice coils running parallel. I had the sub installed in 1.0 CF ported box. The installer said that this set up was the recommendation of a kicker technician. The sound was tremendous until I cranked it up. Not to say that the sub ever distorted or the amp ever clipped, but it boomed as hard as any 12" inch that I had ever heard for about 2 to 4 minutes and then just stopped then started sounding like someone was shaking a ball filled with sand and smelling like burned wire. Great sub just know its limits because they are not infinite. I think that the IX 500.1 may be too much of a beast for this particular sub. In fact when the sub toasted the amp was still as cool as the other side of the pillow on a Fall night.


i have 2 12 inch L7s and 1 L5. i have a 2000 watt kicker amp to the l7s and a 1000 watt to the l5. i have a duralast battery in my trunk. i drive a 2005 monte carlo and it bumps hard, kicker all the way babyyyy

great speaker

just put a 12" L7 in my g35 coupe today with the original custom kicker box i have a old fosgate 1000 watt amp on it and i gotta admit its the best sounding sub. i have ever gotten i have had allot of different ones even some with more power but by far this is best ive ever gotten if your considering getting one i say go for it its great just had trouble getting it in my trunk but my trunk is very small and if someone tries to steal it well good luck cus i tried for a hour to get it out and i cldnt so that works for me =]

2 12" L7s

Just got my new subs hooked up yesturday, not even broke in yet and these things HIT!!! I got two 12 inch L7s in a ported box, it's not a Kicker box but it's made for the L7s. Can't wait til their broke in! My car feels like it's gonna explode already, lol. I got the in a '03 Monte SS, I'm powering them with two Fusion PowerPlant 2000 watt mono amps, putting out 1200watt rms(manufact. specs) @1 ohm. Definitely not beginer subs, these are my 5th set of subs(2nd set of kickers) and by far the best so far.

L7 15'' kicker solobaric


Kicker L7 Awesome

I have 2 kicker l7 12's 4ohm dvc and well these are some awesome subs. I built a ported box tuned at 32hz. I have 2 kicker zx750.1 amps powering these things @ 2 ohms. I did end up blowing a voice coil on one of the l7's due to over powering them in my box. But even with the blown voice coil its extremely loud and unnoticeable in the front of my 93 grand Cherokee. All my friends say they can't stand to sit in it with it on for more than a minute before their ears hurting can't handle it any more. I would recommend them to anyone just be sure not to over power them!

Yellow top optima battery
KnuConceptz 1/0 from battery to back
2 kicker zx750.1 amps
kicker battery terminal
kicker fuse block
kicker distribution block
kicker rca
kicker 4 gauge off dist block to each amp

Wish they built a nice kicker head unit

1 15 inch L7

I have one L7, powered by a memphis 2000 watt amp, in my 95 honda civic and cracked out the windsheild


L7s are the bomb. I originally started with 2 12inch cvrs in a 2001 chevy cavalier z24. I was pushing 400watts less than my friend's explorer with 2 10inch cvxs and was still noticably louder. I now have 2 12inch L7s in a 99 sentra and it puts that cavalier to shame. I got complaints, set off car alarms, rattled houses, and even scared a little girl off her bike before with the cvrs, but all that was nothin on my thump now. I love kicker, always have and always will. 100% my reccomendation to anyone who wants to roll phat, break some windows, and turn some heads!

10" comps

i love them. They sound Great. BUt i want alittle more bass.

2 l7 12s

I have 2 l7 12s in a huge slot ported box in the bed of a 1974 c10 and they slap. They are being powered bye 2 crunch gpv2000.1s getting less than 500 wats rms. When I get my Mtx ta81001 fixed they will hit as hard as they used to. My uncle and my mom heard us on jensen from our house! Now that I have a Soundstream bx10 they hit harder and I can bump teen pop or spanish music and it slaps. The climb buy Miley Cyrus can make my back window start vibrating and I have no cut threw just a fiberglass bed cover! My freind has a l7 15 underpowered and it hit so hard. I will be buying from you in the future.