Seamless fit. Certified quality. Stunning Sound.

KICKER Vehicle Specific Solutions are factory-engineered to fit in a specific vehicle make, model and year. See your nearest Authorized KICKER Dealer for details.

About the Stage Upgrades...

PowerStage™ Upgrade includes the SubStage Upgrade (see below), plus multi-channel DSP amplifier for factory speakers, wiring kit and mounting brackets.

SubStage™ Upgrade includes a loaded subwoofer enclosure, 200-watt integrated amplifier, wiring kit and mounting brackets. The enclosure contains a 10-inch subwoofer for significant bass response.

Why do you want a KICKER VSS factory audio upgrade?

KICKER delivers the thrill and musical accuracy of a live-concert experience minus the crowds, putting high-performance audio specifically made for your vehicle right there in your front seat. It includes big-bass subwoofers in a small space, high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifiers, a unique sound signature from multi-channel amps with DSP, and all in factory mounting locations with no modifications.

You will love it because it offers:

  • No cutting, mounting directly to factory locations
  • Cosmetically, original factory look
  • Computer-optimized, 32-bit digital signal processing tuned specifically for your vehicle
  • Minimum impact on your vehicle's charging system
  • 3-year warranty (parts and labor) when installed by an Authorized KICKER Dealer