TRTP Down-Firing Loaded Enclosures

CompRT Down-Firing

Loaded Enclosures

The CompRT Down-Firing Subwoofer Enclosures come loaded with a passive reFLEX™ subwoofer and KICKER CompRT active subwoofers.

As cone moves downward, the hot air is forced out of the woofer. When the cone moves up, it draws in cool outside air.

Forced-Air Cooling Logo

Heat is the enemy of endurance. To make our subs even more reliable, KICKER engineers developed Forced-Air Cooling to help our CompRT subs run 20 percent cooler.

Loaded not bloated

This hard-hitting enclosure is loaded with a passive ReFLEX™ subwoofer and the KICKER CompRT active sub.

Bass in Any Space

The patented design of the TRTP was created in-house by KICKER engineers. The new benchmark in ultra-thin, pre-loaded enclosures, the TRTP’s unique shape and beefy construction are the perfect combination of convenience and reliability.

Place the TRTP under your truck seat or cargo area for great bass – no grille needed! Covered in stylish black carpeting and built with thick MDF, these tough enclosures take serious power without taking up needed space.

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