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Genuine KICKER accessories for genuine KICKER products!

Consumer Notice!

We have discovered there are counterfeit KICKER products being sold online by unauthorized Internet retailers. The best way to ensure you are purchasing genuine KICKER products ALWAYS is to make sure you are buying from an Authorized KICKER Retailer.

To verify a retailer is authorized, go to There you will find a complete list of all Authorized KICKER Dealers, including Authorized Internet retailers. If the Internet retailer you intend to purchase from is not on the list, they are not authorized. If you are still unsure, contact our Customer Service department at (405) 624-8510 and we will be happy to assist you.

Quality = Performance

KICKER uses only 100-percent, full AWG spec, oxygen-free copper (OFC) in its wire products. OFC provides incredible wire flexibility, high corrosion resistance, and low internal resistance for max power transfer.

Due to the rising cost of copper, some manufacturers use cheaply made, copper-clad aluminum (CCA) as a wire replacement in its accessories line of products. You pay less at the register, but disadvantages include higher internal resistance, lower wire flexibility and lower corrosion resistance. So you’ll pay more later with an inefficient audio system. Another money-saving tactic is to decrease the amount of actual copper strands inside and compensate with a thicker, outer PVC jacket. This results in similar poor performance, limiting the current to your amp and robbing you of the wattage you paid for – sometimes reducing amp output as much as 20 percent!

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About Accessories

Since 1973 Kicker has provided high-quality audio experiences. This can be attributed to our subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers and enclosures. But any good sound system requires the right accessories to help take it to the next level. Our car-audio accessories allow you to customize the aesthetics of your sound system using standard and LED subwoofer grilles. We also provide you with the essentials to your audio system with our amp install kits, speaker wires, amp mounts, signal cables and more. With a variety of car-audio accessories, we make sure that you get the best out of your sound system, along with unique aesthetics to your undoubtedly unique sound system. Pick from our large selection of accessories and enjoy free shipping on orders over $25.

since 1973

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