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Are You Missing This Front and Center in Your Store?

It’s the baddest mutha to carry our name in recent years – and it should be sitting in the front of your store! The Quadbox – KICKER’s answer to anarchy – four 12-inch L7R square subs handling a total of 2,400 watts (RMS), and a lot more for a peak power burst. It’s a statement piece for your store, and your customers should have plenty of questions when this beast meets them at the entrance. The enclosure itself has a story – computer-designed for bassheads with a flared port and tuned to 31 hertz, birch-veneer plywood construction and thick internal bracing. Tell them they need to come down and see it, and have your answers ready!

Let KEYLOC™ Save You Time and Money!

Would you be OK with a smart line-output converter, one that analyzes and corrects audio signal, and then flattens out EQ curves for the ultimate sound experience? Then you need to ask your rep about KEYLOC, the revolutionary, DSP-controlled LOC that automatically detects the frequency response and phase of a factory stereo system, and then allows you to integrate into a more fun, modern entertainment setup.

KEYLOC makes it easy to integrate factory systems with aftermarket gear using the KEY® algorithm, which does all the work. It leaves you with a clean, uncolored audio signal, allows you to test and hear the before and after, and detects what frequencies are available from existing speaker wires. KEYLOC is prepared to work with nearly every vehicle on the road today.


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