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IQ Amplifiers combine the two most import things for great sound: power and control. With a massive Class D power plant and the included TWEEQ™ tuning software, your music can achieve the realism and raw power you crave.
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Pasmag Reviews the IQ1000.5 Amplifier

Back in the day, we wished for amplifiers with crossovers in them. When we got those, we wanted EQ, higher efficiency and better sound. Never satisfied, we continually demanded more and better features. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the latest car audio amplifier offerings are becoming more sophisticated and include many features we only dreamed of just a few years ago. Right at the top of the list are the new IQ series amplifiers from Kicker. Read the full review here.


The soundstage is yours to command. The revolutionary TWEEQ™ tuning software is included with every Kicker IQ amp, built to make crafting audio to your exact standards as easy as clicking a mouse or touching a tablet.


Designed entirely in the USA, KICKER delivers the ultimate in sound quality and power by hand-selecting the finest components. Paired with an extremely efficient Class D power supply, IQ Amplifiers give you the nuance and thunder with equal ease.

Product Videos

How to update your Kicker IQ amp with the latest firmware (1:35)

KICKER IQ Amplifier Basic Setup (7:03)

How To Sum Outputs With Your KICKER IQ Amplifier (1:11)

Run KICKER IQ Amps High or Low Level? (2:03)


The included IQRC remote easily controls your amp volume, bass boost and more with a single cable connection. The optional IQI Bluetooth Interface lets you play Bluetooth audio, answer phone calls and use the TWEEQ software to control as many as four IQ amps, all from your phone or tablet.

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