The Key Smart Amplifier REVIEWS

“Let me tell you.... I've been installing professionally for about 12 years, and never once have I been blown away by such an inexpensive piece of car audio.”
– Bill, Orlando, Fla.

“The results were outstanding! The power is just what I need, and KICKER really did a fantastic job with the tuning and staging algorithms.”
– Leon, Burbank, Calif.

“Problem solver! Just what my 2017 Silverado needed! The EQ and power of the factory system was way inadequate. This KICKER amp took care of all that!”
– Stevie, Austin, Texas

“I was eyeballing the Alpine KTP-445U, but then I stumbled upon the KICKER KEY180.4 and man am I glad I purchased the KICKER Key! I hit the button to hear the before and after. Oh My God. It’s like night and day.”
– Danan, Saint Johns, Fla.

“Great addition to the factory head unit (in my 2016 Tacoma). Nice high soundstage after calibration.”
– Steven, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Whoa!!! Awesome!! This little amp brought it to life! Plenty of bass for this old man! It thumps!”
– Charlie, Gainesville, Fla.

“Finally!!! The sound I wanted. My factory stereo had to be turned up almost ¾ of the way to hear it if I was on the highway. I purchased this KICKER amp. Problem solved. Volume is good and the sound/clarity is way better now that I am properly driving my speakers.”
– Scott, Findlay, Ill.

“Better cleaner bass. More defined and crisp top-end. And a soundstage that's now high and centered. Phenomenal. The best part is that it includes a button to toggle between before/after, so you can demo for the customer (or yourself).”
– Bill, Orlando, Fla.

“I am very pleased with this product because I didn't have to buy extra hardware or cables, and I was able to install it in the dashboard of my 2017 Tacoma.”
– James, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Great sound over all from the factory radio... even better with an aftermarket radio. Highly recommend, easy setup, good price, and awesome results.”
– Jonathan, Miramar Beach, Fla.

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