Subwoofer School is in Session!

You've now enrolled into KICKER U, where you have instant access to a toolbox of mobile-audio installation knowledge. Let KICKER U help you design and build custom enclosures and assist with wiring subwoofers.

The following tools are included in the full version: Box Builder, Tuning Frequency Calculator, Port Dimension Calculator, Subwoofer Specs, Wiring Wizard, Power Wire Calculator, Tone Generator and Bass Attack which gives you the option of two bass tracks to test your system.

You can also find your local dealer at the touch of a button if you've decided to have your system professionally installed or if you just need a little help.

 iOS app on the App Store

 Android app on Google Play

Box Builder

Select from preinstalled KICKER product specs to build a box for your KICKER sub OR build a custom box by manually entering specs for your products.

Tuning Frequency Calculator

1. Enter the volume of your enclosure. (in cu. ft.)
2. Select your port shape (round or slot).
3. Choose an inside diameter.
4. Enter a length for your port in inches.
5. Hit the "Calculate" button!
6. Get your tuning frequency (in Hz)!

Port Dimension Calculator

1. Enter your port area. (in sq. in.)
2. Select your port shape (round or slot).
3. Enter a length for your port in inches.
4. Hit the "Calculate" button!
5. Get your port dimension!

Sub Specs

Get specifications on subwoofers by simply selecting their information.

You now have information such as, cutout dimension, mounting depth, power handling, SPL, Le, Revc, Qms and Xmax right at your finger tips!

Wiring Wizard

Get a diagram of how your wiring should be run following these simple steps:

1. Enter your impedence.
2. Enter the number of subs your are installing.
3. Select single or dual voice coil for your subs.
4. Then select the coil impedence.

Power Wire Calculator

Calculate what guage of power wire your install calls for by simply entering your total system current and distance based on your fuse rating or wattage.

Tone Generator

Create and play a sine wave, sine sweep or pink noise by entering frequencies and selecting the duration of the sound.

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