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KICKER KS-Series Speakers let you play at concert-like volume, yet maintain the smoothness and subtlety to please even the most selective ear. The high-performance woofers utilize internally dampened polypropylene cones and tough rubber surrounds for outstanding midrange detail and pounding bass! All KS-Series woofers feature an ultra-slim mounting depth to easily fit in most factory speaker locations.

three quarter view of dual pod component

Dual-Pod Components

Install this self-enclosed system nearly anywhere on your A-pillar or dash - in any position you need - for a completely personal fit and stunningly realistic sound.

Elevate Your Game

You don’t just want to hear the performance. You want to feel like you’re there when you shut your eyes – the unmistakable position of the singer, center-stage. The KSMT Dual-Pod Component System is composed of KICKER KS-Series one-inch, silk-dome tweeters and 2.5-inch midranges inside independently tuned enclosures, all to help you put the singer – and everyone else – exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Positioned Perfectly

Mounted on a secure ball-joint positioning system and independently adjustable tweeter pod, the KSMT can be easily moved to the ideal spot in your vehicle. Equipped with precise acoustic control, the tweeters lean on an 18dB crossover while the midranges have a dedicated 6dB bandpass crossover. The resulting tonality is as precise and natural as the artist intended – and exactly as it should be.

  • Perfect your imaging in a single step
  • KS-Series speakers for smooth, accurate sound
  • In-line crossover included for versatile fitment
  • Purpose-built tuned enclosures for mid and tweeter
  • Independent positioning of midrange and tweeter


KS-Series Component Systems are stunning, accurate upgrades with extraordinary mounting flexibility. Powerful magnets and EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil) technology give you deep, smooth bass, with flexible mounting options. An easily mountable crossover network is included with every KS system – now under four inches wide and one inch tall, these crossovers fit nearly anywhere.

View of KSS Series 3-way component system

The Complete Package

The KSS365 and KSS369 3-Way Component Speaker Systems mount effortlessly in select domestic and import models. The ultra-thin speaker design features a separate woofer, midrange, and tweeter. The KS-Series woofer is available in a 6.5- or 6x9-inch options, featuring powerful magnets and EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil) technology for deep, smooth bass.

The one-inch, silk-dome tweeters are equipped with a neodymium magnet, and in-line 12dB crossovers provide excellent sonic control. Angled, flush, and surface-mounted tweeter pods are included to get the best possible aesthetic and acoustic results.

Two-and-three-quarter-inch midrange drivers are also included, with three custom bracketing options to fit in today’s GM, Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota, and Jeep factory speaker locations.

The ultra-thin speaker design uses factory mounting points to ensure a seamless, drop-in fit. The in-line crossover network fits behind panels without bulk or custom modifications to the door panels. The result is a factory fit with superb sonic clarity, capable of concert-level volume.

  • Fits GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Select Imports
  • Concert-Level Realism and Volume
  • Optimized In-line Crossover Network Included
  • Ultra-Thin Design
  • Uses Factory Holes and Mounting Points

Convert and Customize

Experience your music as a component system with separate tweeters, or as a high-end coaxial system. In addition to the coaxial options, you can surface mount the tweeter, angle it in a custom direction, or use the articulating tweeter pod to get perfect imaging and soundstage.


Get the clarity you need with the KS-Series one-inch or ¾-inch silk-dome tweeters. A neodymium power plant and in-line 12dB crossover provides excellent sonic control and next-level imaging.

Add the KST200 or KST250 Component Tweeters to your existing coaxial or midrange speaker system. Use the angled, flush, or new surface-mount tweeter pods to get the look you want, with the realism you need!

Fantastic Fit

New for 2020, the KSC270 2-¾” midrange/tweeter speaker comes with three custom bracketing options, built specifically to fit in today’s GM, Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota and Jeep factory speaker locations.


Completely redesigned for 2020 with new cones, voice coils and crossovers, KS-Series Coaxial Speakers are a serious upgrade from your factory sound. Featuring zero (or minimal) tweeter protrusion, you get a perfect fit in almost every vehicle on the road today, without modifications.

The KSC6930 Triaxial Speakers have a robust, 1-inch (25mm) silk midrange driver and 20mm silk tweeter for even better sonic detail and zero tweeter protrusion for an aftermarket sound behind factory grilles.

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