The legend returns!

The 12-inch KICKER's SoloX® L7X™ Ferrite Competition Subwoofer brings the most advanced bass technology and unprecedented performance, from the guys who invented it for a vehicle.

Monster Performance

A motor like no other – it includes a massive, triple-stacked ferrite magnet surrounding a hyper-extended pole piece, engineered for an enormous, more linear magnetic field and amazing heat dissipation. It's ultra-deep bass at very high volume.

Stability is Key

L7X's three-inch voice coil is supported by a dual-spider suspension system, and the double-pressed pulp cone is attached to an ultra-long-throw Santoprene surround - equipped with KICKER's square cone tech and ribbed corners for continuous force and air movement.

Keep it Cool

Heat is the enemy of endurance. To make our subs even more reliable, KICKER engineers developed Forced-Air Cooling™ which helps SoloX subwoofers run significantly cooler and last longer.


Wiring has never been easier with KICKER’s unique SoloX terminals. Each spring-loaded terminal accepts up to an 8 AWG wire, plus a dual, 8 AWG terminal block above it, making series or parallel wiring a breeze.

Field-Replaceable Recone Kit – Never Stop the Music

Using an exclusive, surround compression system, bolt-on spider landing, and helpful alignment shims, the L7X pre-assembled cone assembly gets you from blown to bumpin’ in minutes – no gluing required!

SoloX History

There's a reason we compete. The ceaseless drive to learn, improve and ultimately - to win - is indelibly woven into KICKER's DNA.

In the early 2000's, car audio competition was thriving, and KICKER was dominating the lanes - winning world championships both in sound pressure and sound quality. Leading the charge was Alma Gates, her legendary “Beast" Bronco, and the KICKER Competition Group. We watched the KICKER Competition Group collect a seemingly endless streak of awards, earning trophy after trophy – championship after championship – all while using high-power-handling, high-efficiency SoloX Subwoofers.

As time went by, we labored to create another generation of high-SPL subwoofer. We experimented with ideas, threw them away and made something better. We scoured social media discussion groups, looking for every burp, demo and hair trick we could find. We asked elite competitors their opinions (the first time in our history we did so before production was underway), and then, during our streaming hit show “KICKER UnMASKED! Live," we unveiled it online to record-breaking crowds.

We invite you to experience the legend for yourself, for one reason: we made something better.

since 1973

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