Extreme Engineering

Every aspect of the Warhorse was tortured mercilessly in our labs to ensure extreme performance and reliability. It was engineered completely in-house by KICKER Research and Development for ultra-high SPL applications.


49WXA36001 Whitepaper PDF

Fortified to Go Hard

From the board layout to the rails, to the Tiffany-style RCA connectors, everything about these amps will make a bass head smile from ear to ear. This full-bridge, one-Ohm stable amplifier features dual 1/0 power and ground connections, 4 AWG speaker terminals, dual 8 AWG remote terminals, and quad microprocessor-controlled fans for fast but quiet cooling when you need it.

Engage Competition Mode!

Engage Competition mode to set the input sensitivity to 4 volts, locking the gain potentiometer out for easy gain-matching across multiple amps, amongst other slick features.

What is Competition Mode?


Real-Time Status Tools

Warhorse Amps come with a heavy-duty, magnetic-mount diagnostic tool, displaying battery voltage, thermal protection status, power-supply protection, and speaker current overload, all in real time! A premium remote bass-level control, also with magnetic mount, is included with the mono amp as well.

Compatibility Issues?

There are none with the Warhorse. It’s equipped with the KICKER FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology) differential inputs and a 125mV-40V RCA input range, so the amps are fully compatible with most all factory or aftermarket source units. It’s also start/stop compliant.

Wire and Accessories Custom-Made for Competition

Wire and brass that’s designed to thrive under the extreme demands of a high-SPL system! Sold separately, these are emblazoned with the Warhorse logo.

WARHORSE Install Scenarios:


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